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Video Cartoonizer

Why draw when you can filter? Release your inner Richard Linklater with the Video Cartoonizer.

“Upload a personal home movie, hit a few buttons, shout action and let our Video Cartoonizer do all the work. Who knew full motion animation could be this easy?”

You be the judge.

(Thanks, R.T. Inoue)

  • john

    sweet, now i can make movies like pixar

  • That looks terrible. It’s obvious that they’re processing every frame in isolation – they couldn’t even try to prevent static things in the background from moving around? It’s not THAT hard.

  • petro1986

    Kind of hard to get excited by this, would be cool for someone who was looking to add something to their Youtube videos with a few clicks.

    Can’t see this coming as a relif to many animators (lazy ones maybe)

  • dan

    your looking at the sad future of animation, i can imagine people in the next couple of years making ”cartoons” that look like that. it dosent even look like a cartoon.

  • LOL, the worst part of it, is that Elvis HATED The Beatles’ guts, so the choice of the song couldn’t have been worst ;-)

  • Keith Paynter

    Sadly, I expect this to be something music video producers will likely take advantage of…

  • acetate

    Could have called it the Bakshi-izer !

  • Since when is a Photoshop filter applied to video considered animation? It looks very cheaply done.

  • This is nothing new. Its just a bad polarizing filter. Its not like this is going to threaten the future of animation or anything, come on.

  • leticia

    we all should give up being cartoonists. Let’s all be programmers!!

  • FP

    Looks like TOON-IT, with a touch of VIDEO GOGH. I’m using those tools right now to create my very own abomination.

    It’s possible to get less chattering with these filters than shown in the “Cartoonizer” demo.

  • John A

    You know, some of us actually LIKE to draw. I like to think I’m pretty damned good at it. WTF is up with this business anyway? Everyone wants the goddamned machine to to everything.

  • Christina S.

    At least rotoscoping takes dedication… Yeesh.

  • Mike Caracappa

    I guess Don Bluth won’t have to rotoscope anymore…

  • “Who knew full motion animation could be this easy?”

    WHAT ? And to think all these years I’ve been doing it the HARD way !!!

    (Takes out gun and shoots self in the head …. BEEEE-WHOOOOP …
    [iris out to black. The End ] . )

  • Animators everywhere are gonna lose their jobs.

  • Groucho983

    It is all photoshop (or photoshop-like) filters, and I experimented with this kind of thing quite a bit with in college. If done right the video should almost looks like a moving impressionist painting. If not it looks like Elvis while having a seizure.

    Ironically I was using Cartoon Modern as a reference on my stuff, so i do thank you Mr. Amidi for your wonderful book.

  • The really scary thing is they already ARE making movies like this:

  • A Longtime Observer

    I’ve got to say it:

    So there IS an animate button!

  • Dude practically swallows that girl’s head! ;-)

  • Now in After Effects CS4!

  • That effect is always obvious as just being a filter.

  • OK – let’s see it do Sylvester getting diced by a tennis racket, or Pinocchio turning into a donkey. Then I’ll worry.

  • I’m not sure why you’re throwing digs at Linklater, who actually had his movies hand drawn and not filtered, and then you can post up a time lapse live-action movie under the guise of animation. What am I missing here?

    The difference between this and Linklater’s movies is blindingly obvious when you see them in motion.

  • I want to see the first video using that filter of an actor getting a ton of bricks on his head, being shot by a pig dressed as a hunter, escaping a train, falling down a chasm after saying “hello”…

  • “acetate”, you stole my line! Ha! Looks just like “American pop”.

    Actually I kinda liked the 3rd-ish example of the couple rendered in mostly white with gray-ish outlines. I could see that as a starting point and taking it (much) further in Flash or something.

    It AIN’T animation, though..

    P.S. “Hi” to Dave Nethery.. remember me?

  • I hate that song…

  • Hi, Lips.

    Of course I remember you. How could anyone forget those years we spent together in a third world prison … oh, wait that was Filmation,
    but you know what I mean …

  • Wasn’t this the premise of The Three Stooges VS The Martians?
    Awacky Professor created a camera that did this?- Except, the animation was actually —–good?

  • Randomer

    How do u get it? did they stop it in 09?