Will Friedwald Will Friedwald

Will Friedwald


Jerry Beck, Alan Greenfield, Will Friedwald, Mark Mayerson
probably inspecting the soundtrack of Bosko’s Picture Show
(circa 1978)

While I’ve dedicated my life to continued research and writing about animated cartoons, my erstwhile colleague Will Friedwald (co-author of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies and Warner Bros. Animation Art) has made quite a name for himself as a noted jazz historian, critic and producer. Author of several outstanding books on the likes of Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, Will made news this week by proclaiming he has the world’s largest iTunes collection.

I have no idea if his claim is true, but back in the day no one was as fiercely determined to collect information and data on classic cartoons as Will (Note the images of Baby Huey and The Ghostly Trio on his t-shirt). Animation’s loss is jazz music’s gain. Check out his regular writings in The New York Sun.

  • Don’t tell Will, but I’ve got double his collection! (and six iPods to play it all on!)

  • God, we were young and enthusiastic. At least we’re still enthusiastic.

  • OM

    …Holy Rapunzel, Batman! Just look at all that hair on Jerry’s head! :)

  • Jonathan Green

    This seems unfair. Digital music is the realm of the young. Friedwald should let some kid hold this record. Old cats like us can just keep going with our CDs, LPs, 78s, etc.

    Mind you, I have one of these iWalkman things. In the six months I’ve had it, I’ve spent more time complaining about earbuds and shopping for a replacement for same than I have listening to it.

  • since next year will mark the 30th (!!) year I know 3 out of the 4 of you….that was quite some treat!! Allan!?…..have you an E!?? WOuld luv to get re-linked with you & Cathy!

  • Scott

    And I’ve got 4 times as much! What a silly claim to make.

  • Does a collection of 2000+ pre-1925 covers count? Sadly, after that date I possess relatively few songs of significance, on iTunes or off.

  • Now that Mark Mayerson is much older and wiser, he lectures his animation students on the dangers of sniffing 16 mm film emulsion. Remember kids, just say “No”…

  • You look like a bunch a’ hopped up Hippy freaks! Get a job! Get a Haircut! (just kiddin’!)

  • Sean

    It’s nice to see the four of you back then still have the same rampant enthusiasm for cartoons that you do today. The look on Will’s face is wonderful, it looks like he’s doing Bosko’s voice as he watches.

    And I’m amused if you’re examining Bosko’s Picture Show, as it shows that even back in 1978 there were still fans going “…wait, the dirty *what*?”

  • In my life before cartoons, I produced jazz records and worked closely with my friends at Mosaic Records selling their mail order library. And Will was one of the few writers whose information felt accurate and authentically complete (and eminently readable, a *very* rare thing). Thanks for all the great hours of reading Will.

  • Marc

    Reading the above comments. Is that the same Uncle Wayne who use to be on your old cable show Jerry? Oh that picture is a great snapshot of you guys back in the day.

  • will friedwald

    I can’t believe you found this photo – haven’t seen that in 30 years.

    I get so nostalgic for the days when I had hair – what I wouldn’t give for a bad hair day – or even a bad HARE day!

    Anyhow, the claim about the world’s largest iTunes collection was made for me by the guy with the Mac blog; I didn’t necessarily want to make such a patently unprovable claim for myself.

    If anyone wants to reach me, please try my SUN email – wfriedwald (at) nysun.com.

    Looking at the 4 of us 30 years ago, it seems clear that Mark M was the only one of us who had something like a normal life – who got married and raised a family and did what non-dysfunctional people are expected to do!

  • Larry_T

    Heh heh. Mark still hasn’t gained any weight. Maybe there’s something to sniffing film odors after all.

  • Keith Paynter

    N-E-R-R-R-R-R-R-D-S!!! :)

    Seriously though, I didn’t look that much different from Will in my high school years in the late 70’s/early ’80’s, and I spent my spare time thumbing through 8mm film and projector catalogs and magazines, and watching 16mm films from our local library (some of which I now own)…