Willie Ito and Jerry Eisenberg on Stu’s Show

Heads up on another free-wheeling interview with Hanna-Barbera veteran animators Jerry Eisenberg and Willie Ito, today on internet radio’s Stu’s Show. It’s being broadcast live at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific on StusShow.com. Both Willie and Jerry designed some great characters during their years at H&B, and Stu will dig in to get the whole story, along with a look at both gentlemens’ careers pre-and-post Hanna Barbera, in what promises to be a great show for every animation buff.

And next week (Dec. 14th) yours truly, Jerry Beck, will be on the broadcast with a bunch of news about upcoming cartoon DVDs. I’ll remind you again next week.

  • http://www.toonocity.com fremgen

    In my all too brief animation career, I got to work with Jerry. Good guy.

    Oh and I want that TV tray :)

  • http://TAGamericast.com Alicia American

    LOL omg