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Director Of Netflix’s ‘Hilda’ Series Reveals First Animation Test

Director Andy Coyle shared a brief animation test today from a highly anticipated Netflix series: the adaptation of Luke Pearson’s graphic novel series Hilda, due out in 2018.

NOTE: The video was removed by Coyle. Mercury Filmworks tells us that the timing wasn’t right and that they will post it later.

Coyle explained what this test is all about, via a note posted by his wife to Tumblr:

This is a little animation style/pipeline test to try and refine the look of the show that my team and I put together. I’m so proud of all the work that’s been done so far, I can’t say how inspiring it is to work with such talented people who make me look good hahaha! This show is going to be so good!!!Feel free to share it around if you like, and if you’re interested in working on the show you can drop me a line personally! Contact: a.coyle @ mercuryfilmworks . com

The series is being animated at Ottawa’s Mercury Filmworks, the studio responsible for the animation on the Mickey Mouse shorts, Tangled: The Series, and the Disney XD series Atomic Puppet.

Like its other series, Mercury plans to use a Toon Boom Harmony pipeline for Hilda. But if the test is any indication, it appears that Coyle and crew will combine rigged puppets with a combination of drawn key poses, thus creating a less rigid look that better captures the flavor of Pearson’s organic drawings in the comic.

If you want to follow along with future developments, Hilda also has as an official Instagram account at @HildatheSeries.

  • HaBla

    It’s probably just going to be rigged puppets, but animated well. It’s amazing how good puppet animation can look if you add some extra breakdowns and care about what it looks like. Harmony’s peg deformers can do wonders with the right artwork.

    • Fried

      Yeah, it feels like ever since Jimmy Two Shoes and Kick Buttowski, we’ve been hitting more and more that balance of affordable TV animation without sacrificing 11 of the 12 principles to get to it. And as ToonBoom becomes more powerful, people are starting to use more tools besides the very thick vector outline look.

      I’m looking forward to it.

  • It looks pretty cute.

  • I really got to see this. So far, pretty much anything that’s been label as a “Netflix Original” has indeed been wonderful. Aside from that, I really adore the art style and while I wait for the series to come out, I will pick up one or two of the graphic novels just so I can get to know both the characters and stories.

  • Tony

    “This video has been removed by the user” Darn it!

  • breughel

    Ack! The viddy has disappeared. Watched it twice, came back later to find it gone. SAD! I am.