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Netflix Will Stream ‘Mind Game’ and Other Studio 4°C Films


Japan’s Studio 4°C announced today that its films will be available on Netflix beginning September 2nd.

Among the titles that will be made available is Masaaki Yuasa’s influential 2004 masterpiece Mind Game, which has had perhaps a greater effect on the direction of hand-drawn animation than any other project released over the past decade. The other films that will be available are Sunao Katabuchi’s Princess Arete and the omnibus films Genius Party and Genius Party Beyond.

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Following that batch of features, Netflix will release Studio 4°C’s TV series and OVA Tweeny Witches, which is tentatively scheduled to arrive on the streamer on September 15.

The films will be available on Netflix in Japan, US, Canada, UK/IE, Australia/New Zealand and Latin America (minus Brazil), as well as other Netflix territories minus China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, and Arabic-speaking countries. Tweeny Witches will not be available in Latin America.

  • Metlow Rovenstein

    This is great news! I’m looking forward to seeing these films when they arrive on Netflix.

  • A animation prof gave me his copy of Genius Party Beyond on a zip drive back when I was in art college. It’s well worth the watch, although I’ve only seen each of the shorts once. I remember most of them being pretty obscure…

    too bad I don’t have Netflix though

  • Paul M

    That’s great, I look forward to seeing them, but still waiting for Legend of Korra to arrive on Netflix in Canada. Also hoping for more studio mir/Dreamworks collaborations showing up soon.

  • Dony Permedi

    Mind Game is probably my favorite movies of all time. I am so glad more people will be able to watch it!

  • Christian Bermejo

    Hey Netflix LATAM, we want them all including Tweeny Witches !

  • David

    Finally! Mind Game is an criminally underrated masterpiece! This film not only need to be available to stream in the US, it needs to be on DVD/Bluray!!

  • KW

    Anytime Masaaki Yuasa is involved I get excited.