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“Dumb Ways to Die” by Julian Frost

By popular demand, I am posting this morbidly hilarious PSA on Cartoon Brew. I first posted it four days ago on our wonderful CB Facebook page and have been bombarded by readers to share it further, here on the main site.

A Public Service Announcement for Melbourne Railways, Australia, Dumb Ways To Die was designed and animated by New Zealand-based Julian Frost. The incredibly catchy tune was written by John Mescall and Ollie McGill, and sung by Emily Lubitz. Some very funny gifs based on the short are posted here.

  • This is a great clip, catchy tune and some sweet animation(when it could’ve gone in all sorts of directions) but I have two questions. Why, as a Melbournian have I not seen this broadcast locally and two, why when there are numerous animation studios in Melbourne and Australia was this not produced in our own country?
    Kudos to Julian tho’ you’ve done a great job

    • Julian

      Thanks Richard! P.S. I grew up in NZ but have lived in Melbourne for a few years, hope that makes it ok :-)

      • GhaleonQ

        Cute without being twee! That’s tough!

      • Cheers,
        No offence to you was intended. I’m sure you understand what I meant.

  • Joel

    Very funny and nice song… But, to be honest: i think the characters are a slight Don Hertzfeldt rip-off (especially of his puffy cloud-character).

    • nnn

      agreed, thought it had to be Hertzfeldt when I saw it

      • nnn

        and it’s not just the cloud, it’s the way the legs move… and there’s the balloon… and… well. it looks very similar, overall.

    • I am a banana

      I’ve been seeing people rip-off Hertzfeldt for more than a decade. Have you seen those Pop Tarts commercials? Total rip-off! But when your work is pure genius, you’re bound to get copied at some point. As they say, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery…unless they’re making money off it; then it’s just flat-out wrong. I don’t see too much of a problem with it here in this instance. It’s highly likely the creator has no idea who Don even is. I just don’t find it very unique and original being such a huge Don Hertzfeldt fan for as long as I have.

  • Zekumi

    The dryer is my favorite.

  • Julio Villarreal

    It was funny the first time around and it still is after the second viewing. Thank you Jerry.

  • I like how they jump and wave hands.

  • Steve Gattuso

    I haven’t been able to get this out of my head since I first saw it this past Sunday. I consider that a good thing.

  • Now at 14 million views in 7 days…I’m impressed!

  • The guy who swallowed glue has some sweet dance moves.

  • Lara

    “Sweetly creepy” is the best way I can describe it, but it’s very effective at showing how careless little things can be fatal. Two boys at my school in Ohio were killed when one boy’s dad tried to outrun a train across the tracks.

  • Cute… but Stick Death and Happy Tree Friends did this long ago.

    • Nic

      Then maybe it was due for an overhaul?

  • mike