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Apple Names Disney Animated as Best iPad App of 2013

After reviewing the 100,000 iPads apps that launched in its Mac App Store this year, Apple has chosen Disney Animated as the Best iPad App of 2013. Apple didn’t reveal its criteria for selecting the app.

Disney Animated was produced by UK-based developed Touch Press in partnership with Walt Disney Animation Studios and Disney Interactive. The app, which features large amounts of artwork and interactive animation ‘workshops,’ spans the nearly century-long history of Disney animation. Disney Animated is currently available in the App Store for a special price of $9.99.

  • Steven Matarazzo

    This app is wonderful! The bar was set high with their Second Screen apps (A trend I wish Disney would continue). There is a lot to explore and a lot of concept art and drawings that are either no longer available in print, or have been hard to find. I only wish that more of the films on the ‘timeline’ were a bit more interactive or had more to offer.

    What I would really love is for them to create a similar app or ‘making of’ app for each of their major films. Or even have a compilation of a few years. Sadly many of the ‘making of’ books are out of print and fetching very high prices on Amazon. A new app made up of those assets would be very cool indeed.

    This app not only has an impressive timeline with some fun snippets, but it also dives into animation principals, includes interactive 3D sculptures, great interviews and stories from the animation staff, and loads of concept art. This app is well worth the $9.99, a must for any Disney animation fan.

    • Nikolas

      Thanks! I was hoping that a few people here would post reviews of this app. I’m still considering buying it.

  • George Comerci

    Definitely! A great way to learn more about Disney than I already do :) certainly the best app ever made