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Don Bluth’s Dragon’s Lair Coming to iPhone

Dragon's Lair

EA is porting Don Bluth’s classic arcade game Dragon’s Lair onto iPhone and iPod Touch. Release date is listed on EA’s webisite as December 2009. Another of Bluth’s laser disc games, Space Ace, was released for iPhone last July [Apple store link for Space Ace].

(Thanks, Malcolm)

  • That’s a horrible idea! That game was so frustrating in the arcade that had the cabinet been small enough to throw, I would have. An iPhone is the perfect size for chucking across the room.

  • Isaac

    Yeah, the split-second timing is infuriating, but the animation is still among the best to ever feature in a video game.

  • Lara Smith

    On the other hand, the little “you died” clip of zombie Dirk glaring at you would be a terrific signal for dropped calls.

  • Kate

    Rawk! I wasn’t around for the original Space Ace so getting to play it on my iPhone is great. :D That’s awesome Dragon’s Lair is getting the same treatment.

  • Sweet! I’ve got to get this! If you would have told me back in ’85 that in the future I’d be able to have the game for myself in a hand held electronic device, I wouldn’t have believed you. So much better than saving my quarters and then pleading for my mom to drop me off at the mall to play the game.

  • I would get caught up in the beautiful animation and lose very quickly in the game. At 75 cents a pop, which was a lot of money back then, it was frustrating. I never got to see much game play but what I did see was wonderfully done.

  • Awesome! I bought the dvd version of the game several years back just so I could play it (equally frustrating with the dvd remote). They also had a section where you could watch through the entire story of the game which was great if you just wanted to check out the animation. Maybe they’ll do that on the iphone too!

  • JP


    I’m with you… I’d like to have a way to just watch the story unfold and enjoy the animation. (Sadly, I don’t think that’ll be possible on the iPhone if Space Ace is any indication of what to expect.)

    I bought Space Ace for the iPhone last year. The “buttons” on the phone’s touch screen are maddeningly difficult to hit with the pinpoint accuracy that’s required of these games.

    “Easy” mode lights up the correct button at the precise time – but you spend more time watching/waiting for the buttons to flash than you do enjoying Bluth’s terrific animation. What’s more, using this “Easy” mode gets you through the entire story (game) in around 10 minutes.

    If it weren’t for the nostalgia-factor (and my love for the brief seconds I could appreciate the animation), I would have felt ripped off for my $5. Then again, most of us probably blew 10 times that amount in quarters on this game at the arcade!

  • Angry Anim

    I have Space Ace on my iPhone and I LOVE IT.

  • seann

    these two apps have convinced me to finally switch to iphone. Have to see how these finally end!

  • Dylan King

    I’m a cartoon fanatic and a gamer. Listen, this game has great animation, but seriously, you can beat the entire game in easy mode in under 9 minutes. I wouldn’t spend five dollars on this app (especially since you can play this online for free…).

  • Lester Scruggs

    With modern toon software, Bluth could easily animate any Space Ace or Dragon’s Lair sequel he wanted at a fraction of the 1980’s cost today. “The Quest for Magic Underwear” could be just a press of the button away for millions of happy iphonies.

  • captainmurphy

    That being said, the iPhone version of Space Ace, bad as it may be, is far better than any arcade/computer/or console iteration precisely because the touch interface makes more sense for the timed and directional interactions. However, it never was the animation that was at fault, it was the game design itself,and that bad design, although slightly more forgiving, is still the skeleton of the game.

  • Bryan

    Both Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace, along with Dragon’s Lair 2, are available on Blu-ray, with multiple difficulty levels and options to watch all the animation only. A little pricey, but they look beautiful!