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“Giving Me a Chance” By Gina Thorstensen and Nacho Rodriquez

Gina Thorstensen and Nacho Rodriquez are very cool. Their Barcelona-based Thorstencoo Productions made this “experi-mellow” music video for Gotye. It was produced over the course of five months and is a mix of flash and hand-painted illustration.

Even cooler than this video – I’m going to be interviewing Nacho Rodriquez in person at CTN Expo on Saturday November 17th. Be there!

  • Uli Meyer

    Inspiring, I enjoyed this very much, both the the song and the visuals. Great to see an inventive mix of hand-painted animation with Flash.

  • Lovely business, that. Flash too. Who’d a thunk it? Me, that’s who.

  • christy

    wow! thats amazing!