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“Mr. Blue Sky” by Mike Patterson and Candace Reckinger

I hope this brings some sunshine to our readers on the rain-soaked east coast.

Michael Patterson and Candace Reckinger, who created some of the most iconic music videos using animation ever – including A-Ha’s Take On Me, Suzanne Vega’s Luka and Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract (with MC Skat Kat) – created this beautiful new piece for musician/composer Jeff Lynne, based on Lynne’s 1977 ELO track Mr. Blue Sky.

Patterson and Reckinger, both now teaching animation at USC, were approached by Lynne, whom they worked with on a previous project, to create the video as a collaboration with their students.

  • christy


    • Patricia Aldrich

      Play this when you;re feeling downhearted, and you can kiss your therapist goodbye

  • J

    Any idea if this is the original recording or one of Lynne’s re-recordings? I suspect it’s a re-recording since that’s what he’s been up to lately, but I can’t tell in my current listening environment.

  • AaronSch

    Wonderful on every level. I have grown weary of all the darkness in music and film. I’m gonna load some classic ELO on my iphone and enjoy a beautiful new day…

  • TJR

    Fantastic! …But wish this still had the songs closing little musical epilog that the original had.