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‘Rings’ by Rob Shaw

Music video by Rob Shaw and Portland, Oregon-based Bent Image Lab for Aesop Rock’s “Rings.”

Director: Rob Shaw
Production Company: Bent Image Lab
DP: Rodrigo Melgarejo
Editor: Rob Shaw
Art Director: Emily Yurek
FX Makeup: Erin Lyon
Stop Motion Art Director: Greg Arden
Stop Motion Animator: John Summerson
Armaturist: Gary McRobert
Illustrator: Jesse McManus
VFX Supervisor: Paul DeSilva
Colorist: Paul DeSilva

(Thanks, Ahmad Habash)

  • Marc Hendry

    Big fan of Aesop Rock! Although this song is about his failures as a visual artist, he was actually part of a recent painting show called “outsource”, which also featured David O’Reilly and Pen Ward