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“Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver” by Ivan Dixon and Greg Sharp

This video had me smiling all the way through. From its funny character designs by directors/animators Ivan Dixon and Greg Sharp – with Marlo Meekins – to its subtle subversive images done with a wink (literally). The music is cool, too.

Produced out of Australia’s Rubber House, with additional animation by Neil Sanders, Gavin Mouldey, Alex Grigg, Peter Lowey and Jérémy Pires, here’s Wouter De Backer’s (aka Goyte) Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver:

  • hiradot

    god I love greg sharp’s work

  • I could watch 3.35-4.00 all day. Absolutely brilliant Rubberhouse + collaborators


    genius stuff!

  • Well done Rubberhouse!

  • I caught this at the Gotye show. It was playing behind them as they performed on stage. I was in heaven – Great music + great animation. I was not expecting that at all. I highly recommend catching Gotye if they’re ever in your area. The show was like an animation film festival…out of this world.

  • Very cool. Weird, strange, sexually depraved, and I loved it. Fun way it builds, crazy character designs.

  • Wow! That was awesome. I love the feel of the music and the animation!

  • Thanks for posting this Jerry and thanks for all (non sexual) love, Brew Readers!