“Superfan Unknown” By Simon Eltz

This literally hand drawn music video, made for the group Goodron by Swiss artist/animator Simon Eltz, features an entertaining selection of various walk cycles, heads and body shapes – and a darn good little song.

  • http://www.twinkleland.com Gary Leib

    wow, thanks for this, so fun. I am rocked

  • http://croovman.deviantart.com/gallery/ Stav Levi (croovman)

    That hit the spot. Inspiring.

  • http://pickledperfection.blogspot.com/ Andrea

    Awesome video!! It really communicated a lot… I had a dialogue taking place in my mind while watching it. It’s a touch sad too… Like the artist had no control and couldn’t get what he wanted and got an interesting cast of characters just being themselves instead.