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Weird Al’s Latest

Here’s a great way to begin the holiday weekend (in the States): a pair of newly released animated videos from Weird Al Yankovic. For his new album, Alpocalypse, much like how he did last time on Straight Outta Lynwood, Yankovic has employed several notable animators to create videos.

Here’s the music video for Another Tattoo (Parody of Nothin’ On You by B.o.B. featuring Bruno Mars). Animation produced at Augenblick Studios, directed by Chris Burns.

Party In The CIA (Parody of the song Party In The U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus) was animated by Roque Ballesteros and his team at Ghostbot (the studio behind the Erin Esurance commercials).

The rest of Weird Al’s new videos can be seen on Yankovic’s YouTube page.

(Thanks, Annie-Mae)

  • Keegan

    They’re alright. I really wish Al would hire John K again though, Close but no Cigar was great.

    • Kelfeth

      Well, he probably wanted the video completed before 2034.

  • I also have to note that this album has music videos for just about every song. This album features all the Internet Leek songs that were done several months ago, like Skipper Dan and C.N.R. Each one of those songs had a video to them, and each song, except the polka remix, has a video to go along with it, and most of them are animated. I’ve never seen that before, it’s rather awesome.

  • Darkblader

    They are okay, but not as good as Close but no cigar. Speaking of John k, what the heck is he up to anyways?

    • Last thing I saw him animate were some Bumpers for Adult Swim…I don’t know where to link em.

      • Kyle Maloney

        Didn’t I hear his pilot for “John.K presents” got picked up by Adult Swim?

  • Brian

    Both are pretty rad but I am a big fan of Another Tattoo. Can’t beat a Boba Fett playing Clarinet.

  • Finally I can listen to Party In The USA without Miley Cyrus, I always thought it was kind of a nice tune but Weird Al’s lyrics are so much better than the real ones.

    Another Tattoo has the nicest video, though, very cool animation, and the lyrics are fun too, I just don’t like the tune so much.

    Weird Al is such a genius, I can’t believe he’s not more well known worldwide.

  • Weird Al is one of the best musicians of our time, and these two news ANVs are more proof otf that.

    • Funkybat

      Weird Al is one of the very few contemporary musicians/performers who I like enough to go see live in concert. He hits just the right spot between parody and musical/vocal talent, and the fact that many of his recent music videos have been animated is a plus as well.

      In addition to all the usual kudos, I’ll say this; Weird Al is a hard-working guy. His stage shows are pretty physical, he’s up there running around, singing, and going through multiple costume changes for a couple of hours or more, and he doesn’t look tired or flustered at all. Not bad for a guy in middle age!

  • fremgen

    I like the cartoons, but as I don’t enjoy much pop music anymore, it’s hard to appreciate the parodies as well.

    • Funkybat

      Granted, Wierd Al had an easier job back when the “contemporary” music he was mocking was of a better caliber than today. So much mainstream music today is bad in an “uninteresting” way that it can be hard to make fun of, but Weird Al finds a way.

      I have to say I like it best when Weird Al makes fun of really irritating “ear worm” songs that seem to be everywhere at the time, such as “You’re Pitiful” or “Amish Paradise.”

  • tommy

    The hands are backwards in the Another Tattoo video, so it looks like the guy has an ass in front…

    • cbat628

      Ha! Nice catch.

  • In addition to the nine new animated videos that come with the deluxe edition of the album, there will also be an additional one coming out later this year for “Polka Face,” marking the first time Al will do an official music video for one of his polka medleys.

    It will be largely animated (with one new, small live action sequence), but what’s really cool is that ten different animators will be hired, with each one handling one of the songs in the medley.

  • Great job Chris & everyone else involved. Really funny, & very nicely done, cracked me up, and a ton of sweet eye-candy