hemandvd2.jpgHere’s something I never thought I’d post (and Amid will probably cringe when he sees it): a picture of Filmation’s HE-MAN. The complete Season One DVD collection comes out next week – and I have a chance to offer our readers a chance to win a set this week. Yes, it’s time for one of our zany trivia contests.Tuesday morning around 9 am Pacific (noon on the east coast) I will post a quickie question for several minutes. First two people to send in the correct answer will win. The question will be a relatively easy one about HE-MAN. Please, only enter if you REALLY want to win the HE-MAN collection. My Hornswiggle colleagues at G7 Animation, Tom Tataranowicz and Tom Sito are both veteran directors on this series and I think I can get them to autograph the boxes.