Back on October 7th I wrote about the new book DAWS BUTLER: CHARACTERS ACTOR, the official biography of the voice of Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound, by Joe Bevilacqua and Ben Ohmart coming from Bear Mountain Media.dawsbook1.jpgThe book is now out and in my hands, and I want to recommend it to all. It’s truly the complete story of Daws Bulter, from his childhood, nightclub acts, radio and entry into cartoons – to his work with Bob Clampett (Beany & Cecil), Stan Freberg, Tex Avery, Jay Ward and of course Hanna & Barbera. The book is loaded with choice photos from Butler’s incredible career – including many jaw dropping pictures, like the one above of Daws with Freberg, Clampett, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis! Heck, the book is worth it just for the pictures! It’s an incredibly enjoyable read, about an incredibly enormous – and beloved – talent. I never had the opportunity to meet Daws Butler, but was always in awe of his range and his acting abilities. Ohmart and Bevilacqua have now written a book which allows us to learn about the full scope of his amazing career, and what a great guy he really was off mike.Order it directly from BearManor Media