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Financial website Motley Fool has posted this editorial by Rick Aristotle Munarriz, which asks “Remember when Disney’s golden animated features drew huge crowds and rave reviews?”Munarriz says… “Disney has been slowly dismantling its animation division… that could be a huge mistake. Blaming the medium instead of the messenger is akin to blaming your tailor because you gained a few pounds. You simply can’t make a blanket statement that hand-drawn animation is dead and that computerized renderings are the way of the future.”Would Finding Nemo have bombed if it were hand-drawn? I doubt it. Would Home on the Range have been a box-office blockbuster if the barnyard critters were dolled up on high-end Silicon Graphics machines? Nope.”There are plenty of computer-animated television shows out there, but the favorites are hand-drawn like SpongeBob and Rugrats. It’s not the format. It’s not pixels versus inkblots. It’s the story.”

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