gazoo2.jpgMy buddy Earl Kress has just started a blog, and I’m sure he will add a lot to this so-called blogosphere. Earl’s the man behind the incredible Hanna-Barbera soundtrack and sound effects discs put out a few years ago by Rhino Records. He’s the guy behind the bonus materials on most of the current Hanna-Barbera DVDs (as well as the infamous John K. FLINTSTONES laser disc set ten years ago). He’s written Looney Tunes and Simpsons comics, numerous TV cartoons including THE X’s, PINKY & THE BRAIN, TINY TOONS, as well as my cartoon for Frederator, HORNSWIGGLE. In one of his first posts he talks about his role on the upcoming FLINTSTONES 6th Season DVD. I’m looking forward to reading his subsequent posts – I know he has a lot to share.