tulipsshallgrow.jpgTulips Shall GrowFor the last three years, you can usually find me and Marea on Monday nights hanging out at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences on Wilshire. Starting April 11th, we’ll be back for the rest of the year when Great To Be Nominated: Part Two begins. Each Monday at 7pm a feature film from each year (starting with 1940) which received the most nominations without winning the Best Picture Award will be screened, along with nominated animated and live action short subjects, original advertising trailers, out-takes, newsreels and other surprises to recreate an evening at the movies of that particular year.The very best prints available are screened at the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater, one of the finest screening facilities in the world. Bugs Bunny’s debut A WILD HARE (1940) will be screened with the first program (4/11); Fleischer’s initial SUPERMAN (1941) and Tex Avery’s debut SPEAKING OF ANIMALS short, DOWN ON THE FARM will screen the second week (4/18); and a Technicolor nitrate print of George Pal’s TULIPS SHALL GROW (1942) will accompany the third program (4/25). Seeing these prints in 35mm, at the best possible theatre in L.A., is worth the price of admission alone – and get this, the tickets are only $5. each show, or $30. for the entire series (18 weeks!). It’s the best bargain in town.
See you there.