Next Thursday, November 10th, ASIFA-Hollywood is staging a tribute to the pioneering anime series KIMBA THE WHITE LION at the Glendale library.KIMBA (aka Jungle Emperor Leo or Jungulu Taitei) was based on Osamu Tezuka’s epic 533 page serialized manga first published in 1951. After the success of ASTRO BOY as Tezuka’s (and Japan’s) first animated TV series, KIMBA was financed by NBC Films and produced by Tezuka’s own Mushi Productions, and became the first Japanese cartoon series produced in color. Ever since its debut in 1965, KIMBA has attracted a loyal cult following.The ASIFA event next Thursday is being presented by KIMBA’s original English-language producer, Fred Ladd. He will present clips from the series and discuss its origins with animator Sadao Miyamoto (an alumnus of Tezuka’s Mushi Productions), Jared Cook, translator & interpreter for Tezuka himself, Hollywood animator (and KIMBA expert) Shawn Keller, and Ms. Sonia Owens, an original voice-cast member from the classic series. For more information (admission prices, location, starting time) see