It’s coming! The holiest day of the year for cartoon buffs – the arrival of the annual LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION. And I’m lucky enough to be holding the latest volume in my hand right now.Under the shiny gold-leaf cover (bundled differently this year, thus the package is a bit thinner looking) are four discs loaded with pure cartoon joy (okay, there are a couple of lame late Speedy Gonzales cartoons on disc three, but I survived and you will too). Sixty more Warner Bros. cartoons to add to our personal archives, beautifully restored, with entertaining, informative bonus materials that add to our knowledge of how these classics were made.Of course, as a consulting producer on the set, I’m intimately involved and biased. But I love the Golden Collection series – and I’m happy to do whatever I can to spread the gospel of Looney Tunes. Volume 4 goes on sale next Tuesday (Nov. 14th). I urge you to buy it right away! Here’s a few good reasons to do so:

bugstooncarn200.jpg nightwatchman200.jpg

Rare trailers (at left) and restored original titles (at right). Nuff said!


90 Day Wondering: Cartoon Modern fans will love this lavishly restored, rarely seen 1956 Chuck Jones Army reenlistment film. You’ll also see Ralph Phillips as an adult!


Great menus! Can you spot the un-P.C. picture of Bugs on this menu from Disc 1?