hneybee.jpgMR. BUG GOES TO TOWN (1941), Max Fleischer’s second and arguably best animated feature film, is considered a classic by animation buffs – and completely forgotten today by the general public.Brew buddy Vince Waldron just spotted this item on ebay:

This curious item caught my eye on eBay. Looks to be an animators model for the Honey bee character in that film (or one of them, anyway.) What struck me as interesting is the little tag attached to it which would seem to indicate that this sort of thing was given away at the end of a production. Can you imagine the attention a similar Disney item would garner?

Holy Mackeral – an original maquette – and it’s signed by Dave Fleischer! Good luck to potential bidders on this item. If any Brew reader wins this baby let us know. We are already jealous!