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frederatorbook.jpgOh Yeah!For over ten years, Fred Seibert has been championing the production of funny, original cartoons – first as president of Hanna Barbera in the mid-1990s, and since 1997 with Nickelodeon and his Oh Yeah! Cartoons program. Fred has promoted his cartoons throughout the years with clever limited edition promo postcards which only went out to select few (only 200 of each were printed). These featured special artwork by the likes of Seth MacFarlane, Tim Biskup, Dave Wasson, Craig Kellman, Vincent Waller, Miles Thompson and many other current cartoon notables. You can see the postcards on his Frederator Studios website – but even better, the card artwork is being collected in a 256 page full-color book, beautifully printed on slick glossy stock – with informative text pieces (including an introduction by yours truly).This is no Cafe Press affair, it’s a big, honest-to-goodness real live book (published by Easton Studio Press)! And I’m impressed! It officially goes on sale November 30th, but Fred is selling a few advance copies on his website now – at a $10 discount, and with two free Frederator collectibles: an actual studio postcard and an original Frederator silkscreen poster. For more information, see www.Frederator.kz