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Presto! Little Golden Book

Brew reader “George” has just informed me of the publication of a Presto! Little Golden Book. With art by Teddy Newton, George says “it’s obviously fantastic!” If it’s as good as all previous Pixar Little Golden Books, I’m sold. It’s available on amazon here.

  • Paul N

    Boy, Pixar isn’t wasting any time merchandising their films and characters, are they? Not that it’s a bad thing – Walt figured out early on that stuff like this can produced additional revenue streams that are a little more consistent.

  • john

    you guys like pixar way too much

  • George

    Gah! So there is a “Your Friend the Rat” LGB!!! I’m now on the lookout!

  • @Paul N

    I’m just glad that they do it with so much class! :)

  • i am so glad that the “short” gets that much (much deserved) attention! Sigh—if our metal friend would’ve been as HALF as comedic and/or charismatic! Oy!

  • I think they add a lot of value to their brand when they take the time and effort to create these throwbacks to our childhoods, where a Hoppity Hooper or Flintstones Goldenbook meant a great read that was totally within the show’s realm- just with wayyyyy better art than the animation! I strive for these things in my own design and animation work, I do it because I feel I owe it to everybody involved, to get as close to the “real thing” as possible — to an original from an entirely different format and medium. These ideals are why Pixar’s Goldenbooks are so great, that we’ll take the time out to discuss them!

  • Teddy Newton should direct a movie. A 2-D one too. We’d finally have something REALLY funny to look at.

  • Skip

    The “Finding Nemo” book by Scott Tilley is terrific, too. As is “Lots of Bots” by Pixar artist Ben Butcher, and virtually ALL of the “Wall-e” cut out textured paper books. How nice to see the films do cool, visually expanded versions of their films.

  • Christian

    I already have the other two so I’ll definitely get this one.