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A Tour of John Lasseter’s Alcohol Production Facility

Lasseter Winery
For those of you who have already been inside of John Lasseter’s closet and are wondering what else there could possibly be to learn about the man, rest assured, there’s plenty more. Here’s a detailed article about the winery that John owns with his wife Nancy. In it, you’ll find out how computer animation is like winemaking (besides the fact that both many animators and wine drinkers are lushes), and nerds such as myself will notice that the winery’s mascot is Wally B., a character from Lasseter’s first CG short The Adventures of André and Wally B. You may also be delighted to learn that one of his recent wines, Chemin de Fer, is a tribute to Ollie Johnston.

  • N

    A case of wine and Cars 2 – everybody wins, including John. –

  • Toonio

    So is it safe to imply cars 2 didn’t do so well because Mr. L is spreading himself all over the place?

    • Bud

      Having a talentless “director” like Brad Lewis directing it for a few years certainly must not have helped.

      • It also didn’t do so well because Cars 2 had a pretty weak and silly concept to begin with. When John Lasseter stepped in and took over the reins of Toy Story 2, the film already had a great idea at its core. Not so for Cars 2… from what I have heard, the film was completely horrendous at the point when John got on board, so I think it’s pretty safe to say that his direction probably only helped (even though the finished movie is mediocre).

        But yeah, of course Lasseter is also spreading himself too thin, which probably diluted his concentration on this film. When he did Toy Story 2 back in ’99, he wasn’t the chief creative officer of both Pixar and Disney. I actually find it pretty crazy that he managed to direct a film while at the same time running both of these studios. (And from what I’ve heard, Disney did suffer from an extensive period of no new projects getting greenlit, and a lot of employees laid off).

  • Bud

    Snarkiness aside….it’s GREAT wine.

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  • I wonder how many expensive hobbies like this some of the employees who help make these films get to enjoy? I realize there should be some more going to the guy at the top, but I would bet that the salary gap is wider than the Sonoma Valley.

    • OtherDan

      “Occupy Buena Vista!”

  • Sardonic Tuba

    Wine Spectator found Lasseter’s latest offering “woody”, and “capable of giving you a serious buzz”.

  • 2011 Senior Citizen

    Isn’t it against law for cartoon characters to show up on the labels for wine? It’s what stopped Pixar from producing Ratatouille-branded wines/

    • victoria

      Hey kids! Wally B says drink up it’ll make you feel good!

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Wouldn’t mind an Andre’s Private Selection label too!

  • I can’t think of anything funny and nasty to say, gad dern it.
    It’s like being constipated.

  • MissConception

    I find this ironic in the sense that early animators were often prone to alcoholism due to the heavy workload. John is just keeping up the tradition. At least it’s something classy, like wine. If he were producing hardcore whiskey, we might have a problem. XD

  • Kyle

    In this age of ultimate media saturation and economic stagnation, rich celebrities need to be reminded of the virtue of humility. I’m not so naive to think that John Lasseter isn’t filthy rich, nor do I fault him for his hard work and success. The obnoxious closet video and this article show how insulated, self-absorbed and out of touch he’s become. It makes you appreciate Steve Jobs and his quest for privacy and discretion. I don’t need to see a video tour of his underground lair with a pool full of sharks with lasers on their heads to understand his wealth and power.

    • Funkybat

      I get what you’re saying, but I guess I can’t get too angry at John Lasseter having a hidden play room and elaborate model railroad. Lord knows if I were in his position I’d have a few similar indulgences.

      At least Lasseter is a creative person who worked hard and build a studio where other talented artists could work together to make great films. I’d rather see him have a fancy set of toys than some Wall Street type who got rich off of securitizing mortgage debt or something.

  • Ethan

    I would bet if Wine Spectator gives him a bad review, he’d boycott them, and ask them to change the rules until he gets 100 every time. Hey, he’s finally back at the Annies after a year’s boycott, we’d be well advised to be really nice about his latest film to make sure he doesn’t do that again.

  • That’s awesome! How can I make an appointment??