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First Look: A Still from Pixar’s “Brave”

Cinema Blend found this first frame from Pixar’s 2012 release, Brave. This one image excites me more than any footage I’ve seen so far from Cars 2. If a Brave trailer is attached to the upcoming race-car feature – that alone may justify a trip to the cinema.

(Thanks, Chris Arrant)

  • Nothing will get me to see Cars 2. I’ll wait for the Brave trailer to hit the internet.

  • Clint H

    Pippi Longstocking?

    But seriously, looks intriguing, but I think we definately need a trailer.

    • Never knew Pippi was so grown up! (Big fan, BTW.) ;)

      Merida looks pretty good, though I’d like to see her in action to get a better opinion. True, the face is very round, though this pic does her no justice!

  • Oscar

    Love at first sight ♥

  • victoria

    Anyone know if there will be a Brave panel at San Diego Comic Con this year?

    • Craig

      Haven’t heard–but director Steve Purcell will probably be at Creator Con across the street.

  • It’s nice, but the cheecks are really killing me! In motion it might work, but one frame out of many isn’t enough!

    • Dan

      The cheeks?? Really man??

      • Scarabim

        Frankly they bother me too.

      • Yes… yes they do. For some reason if people get crazy over a screenshot of the looney tunes show, I have a right to feel annoyed by the cheeks! Everything works, except the cheeks! Comprende?

    • I love how people hate any remale character that does not have the classic Bruce Timm-Marc Davis stylized face shape

  • tgentry

    My son and I are excited for Cars 2 (I guess I’m one of -those- people), but this just doubles that excitement for me.

    • The Gee

      No matter how snotty people, er.. sorry.. no matter how snotty A Fishy Nados are about the CARS flicks,

      if your son is excited to see it and you were going to deny him the chance to see it then that would the worse sin in the eyes of others, right?

      If you kid likes the movie, and cars, and racing…that’s not a bad thing.

      I swear, most people who have a problem with animated features and tv shows are just mad that something wasn’t tailor made to their desires and specifications.

  • Looks good, but I gotta see it move. I will have to check this out when it’s released.

    But in all serious, they are quite puffy.

  • Ben

    I love her hair. They’ve come a long way in animating human hair. It’s going to be interesting to see curly, frizzy hair in motion.

  • She looks like an extra from “How to Train Your Dragon”.

    • dave

      you dont have an eye for art apparently

    • Mark McDermott

      Nah, she looks like the lead from “Jane and the Dragon.”

  • Some Girl

    Liking the hair. Nice volume to it.

  • Thank you, Brenda. I like what I’ve seen.

  • Looks like a rag/wig on her head, haha.

  • Steven M.

    Raggedy Ann of Sherwood Forest.

    • Emm

      No! It’s Little Orphan Annie of Sherwood Forest!

      • Steven M.

        Or, dare I say it, a more attractive Carrot Top.

  • Whooooooo!!!!!

  • tommy

    This reminds me of this clown doll I had that was on a stand on my dresser. It was a baby, the size of a baby, with a clown wig that wasn’t really attached to its head.

    It’s almost just as creepy to see a realistic wig sliding off this girl’s babyish head.

  • Jane

    I could stare at that glorious poof of hair all day

  • Kate

    When I saw Tangled, I was wondering if they’d ever have a princess, let alone female lead, with Gothel’s hair since it’s so often a style saved for villains or weirdos. It’s a detail that’s so small, but so important to represent little girls with curly hair. And I love her cheeks! Hope she still has a heavy horse like in the concept art.

  • Katie M.

    Loving how it looks nothing like other Pixar films. I wonder how much of the shelved R and D from Rapunzel Unbraided they’re using for this.

    • tonma

      yeah I hope they use more of that painterly look, it’d be perfect for this one.

  • I wonder if CG animated films will ever lean away from realism. Just wondering…

    • David

      Check out many amazing sequences from Kung Fu Panda 2, immense stylization and augmented-reality treatment capitalizing on what the medium does best.

    • amid

      That’s about as likely as a member of Congress behaving ethically and not abusing their office.

      • The Gee

        Zing !

      • B.Bonny

        An obsession with politics is a sign your life sux.

        = Woody Allan/Annie Hall

      • The Gee

        haha. good quote.


        the chances that CG in features will lean away from realism and lean towards a more diverse and stylized approaches in BGs and the bits and pieces are about as likely as Woody Allen becoming the starting center for the Knicks next season.

        To be quite honest, I’m sure Allen wouldn’t mind a shot at playing with the team, for the experience of doing so, and it might be funny seeing him try to play. It would be even funnier if he just made a movie about it. It would be like Woody’s version of the movie “Rudy.”

  • Elan

    Definitely getting a Tangled vibe, visually.

  • Daniel Shock

    Gorgeous! Love the soft dreamy quality. Love the red hair! Love the cheeks!

  • Randy Koger

    Uhmmmmm…….what is up with that ridiculous hair??
    Is Carrot Top starring in this?

  • The hair will no doubt be an important visual cue throughout the film (at least I hope it will). The Pixar folks have had some experience in dealing with hair or fur in a few of their previous films — notably MONSTERS INC. (fur) and INCREDIBLES(water) — and so I’m eager to see if they’ll do something to take it to the next level.

    As for the character design, I like the rounded face. It projects youth and simplicity a fair bit easier, if you ask me.

  • The Gee

    Is it the fact that a Scottish character has red hair that bugs people or is it just the fact that it is also curly or is the the fact that it is both and has volume?

    Are you only focusing on her hair and her cheeks?

    Like someone wrote, let’s see the character moving and acting. Or, some full poses to see how the design works.

    • NC

      I think it’s because her hair looks like a wig. But based on the image it does look like she’s on the down causing the hair to lift which makes it look like it’s disconnected from the head.

      Also she sort of has a Swedish style which is an acquired taste. Which might be what people are reacting to when they comment about the cheeks. The thing is it’s an in-between which regardless of whether it’s animated or live action always looks kinda off. And if you don’t believe me randomly pause any close up talking scene in any live action film. Notice how even the best looking people still look funky?

      • The Gee

        That all makes sense but I don’t see why people did not seem to see the same thing.
        Instead they are coming across as almost being offended by the hair choice and her chipmunk cheeks.

        And, consequently, by building too much off of that one image, those who seem most offended by the look are getting waaay too far ahead of the movie.

        But, I suppose it doesn’t matter too much because soon enough something else will come down the pike to irk people. And, whatever “atrocity” or “aberration” that may be might irk me, too. That’s how blogs work, right?

  • Toonio

    What’s going on with so much soft light filters these days?

    Really, at some point it was appealing but now is getting annoying.

    On the other hand the idea of a carrot top heroine is REALLY interesting.

  • Hal

    Ut oh! Do I spy the EXACT same furrowed eyebrow/raised eyebrow expression we all hate on the faces in all CG animated promos? Since its a Pixar flick I guess we should all just give it a pass, what with all the cheeks and ginger hair to discuss.

    • David

      I spied a similar expression in Princess & The Frog promos… There’s no smirk button in CG software, only a smirk button in studio executive offices. Don’t blame the medium.

    • The Gee

      How do you expect the eyes of a person to look if they are aiming a bow at a target that seems to be in sight?

      If that moment were of her doing something completely different then yes it would seem like an attitude shot.

      While I’d probably expect just a little bit of difference with the upper left cheek and the mouth to make the squint look better, it is what it is: one of many images taken out of context. So, categorizing the expression really doesn’t matter much at this point.

      • Hal

        Many people firing a bow and arrow close one eye to be able to focus better on their target (it is easier to focus without the stereoscopic effect). If you’re squinting like that its not going to help you, especially on a horse back. What a sad nit for me to pick…

    • Dana

      She’s aiming a bow & arrow. I think it’s safe to say this is definitely not a case of smarmbrow.

  • Matt

    Good to see that Disney Animation seems to really be influencing Pixar to some extent at this point. It should really be more of a back and forth thing like this between the two of them, instead of one trying to be the other, as it was for a few years there.

    Merida looks great, can’t wait for the teaser.

    Does anyone know who is doing the music for this film? I just find it extremely hard to picture jazzy Pixar music fitting with this kind of movie.

  • A teaser for Brave is confirmed to be attached to Cars 2:

  • paula cabezas

    This still reminds me a lot of one scene from Princess Mononoke with Ashitaka and Yakuru.

    • B.Bonny

      Miyazaki is a frequent visitor to Pixar- at least in spirit.

    • Yeah! Not that that’s a bad thing.^^

  • andreas Wessel-Therhorn

    all these opinions from one still… amazing

    • tredlow

      Yeah, I’m skeptical about this, too. Just look at that one leaf at the edge of the screen. That says a lot about what the movie is gonna be like.

      • The Gee

        That leaf you see does not bug me as much as that banjo that bear that is silhouetted in the foreground is holding.

        How un-Scottish is a banjo? I mean, please!

        And, don’t get me started on the straw hat the bear is wearing or that “C’mon, folks, let’s Sing a Song!” pose he’s making. No wonder she’s gonna shoot him.

  • Anonymous

    I am told by an insider that there is a Brave trailer attached to Cars 2 indeed.

  • Ignoring all of the cheeks, hair, furrowed-whatever comments…

    I found it interesting that BRAVE was announced not long after Disney stated there were not going to be any more princess movies. Or they were putting the princesses on hold. Whatever their comment was.

    I am going to go out on a limb and say that I thoroughly enjoyed TANGLED. But wasn’t there lots of chatter about TANGLED being a problem? Given the superficial similarities (princess, bows and arrows, woods, maybe-action), how does BRAVE not fall into the same category?

    I cannot help but say that I find the arm-chair, visual dissection of a single/first production still to be a ridiculous, self-indulgent, expulsion of hot air.

    • What? Brave was announced (as “Bear and the Bow”) a year or so before they made the announcement of no more “princess movies”.
      Actually, they said no more “fairy tales” movies.

      • Okay. So I’m late to the game in my news.

      • Ed Catmull announced that there would be now more princess films when Tangled was released. He was implying that Tangled would be the last princess film (which is a great strategy – see Tangled now… its the last of a generation) and the LA Times reported that all other princess films at Disney would be scrapped and there were two other “Princess films” in development (Snow Princess and Jack and the Beanstalk) at the time. But Chris is right – because there were really 3 Princess films in development – Brave being the third. But Brave wasn’t cancelled – it may have been retooled (with Chapman’s firing a part of that “retooling”.)

        But regardless of what is defined as a Princess Film, or whether the single Brave frame looks good or not, all of this chatter boils down to marketing (indeed the chatter here is, indirectly, part of the marketing) – and getting your attention. The is how Pixar builds up excitement. Give the public a nibble, create some chatter, and build up the excitement slowly.

        In any case, Pixar will never call Brave “a princess film”, and, hopefully, neither will the media (I’m sure there will be press releases to properly define Brave’s demographic). Because, I think Ed Catmull’s point is, not that they are no longer making Princess films – but that they are no catering to the princess film demographic. Which is a wise business decision.

  • tredlow

    I honestly don’t see anything wrong with the still. I guess I’m not animation-savvy enough to see it, but it looks perfectly fine.

  • Teafly

    Hopefully this still wasn’t hand picked by PIXAR because it’s really an awkward angle lacking any clear silhouette. Still looks nice, but… just saying!

  • Gray64

    Clearly not a promotional still, but an actual screen capture of an action scene.
    I like it that she’s not a pretty-pretty-princess. Like the round face, the red mop, all of it. Looking forward to this one.

  • Anoniguy

    Love at first sight.

  • Dave

    Wider framed version of this screen capture here:

    I’ll be interested to see this in motion. The still looks fine to me. Frankly, these topics where a single image generates so many comments are sort of tiresome. Why do some of you feel compelled to post a “review” of the latest image leaked from an upcoming animated film ? Wait and see the actual film before you form an opinion on whether her hair is too frizzy or her cheeks are too round or whatever else you’re all in a flutter about.

  • Grayson Ponti

    Wow I’m totally in after seeing just one frame. I think this movie is going to be great and I really hope it has great artistry as well as intelligent storytelling.

  • Meghan

    I’m loving the look! I don’t care what people say about her cheeks/hair/anything else, I like them. And the subdued colors are gorgeous.

    And I love that her horse is black.

  • Mitch Kennedy

    You guys don’t like a nice set of cheeks? I like these cheeks. The more cheeks the better.

  • Michel Van

    i have to see this Movie !!!

  • For a character who (I presume) has to be active and athletic to suit the story, that fluffy head of hair looks like it’s going to be a tremendous distraction in animation. It might be just fine in the still images of a children’s book (imagine it rendered by Don Wood, for example); the problem is what happens when it moves.
    It’s not a problem specific to this film or this character. imagine Struwwelpeter as an action hero; he’d have exactly the same problem.

    • Well considering this is animation we’re talking about… where any element can be pushed and pulled as necessary, I’m pretty sure the hair will move just fine. :P

  • Joe

    Kind of looks like that Incredibles female character… the one who worked for the bad guy and tricked Mr. Incredible. At least in the face. And with red hair, and stretched out slightly. Same animators?


  • Horrible, looks like a cabbage patch kid….

  • K

    Love the hair, but she does highly resemble previous characters. It sorta annoys me that they can’t seem to come up with one really original looking female…

  • Inkan1969

    I just found out that Brenda Chapman, the director and creator of “Brave”, has been fired.,0,3676956.story

    What happened?

  • Ethan

    This looks amazing, but we’re still a year away, it’s plenty of time to bastardize it. Based on passed events, it’s a little worrying.

    I remember when Chris Sanders was fired, there was little left from his years of work on American Dog. They changed everything. Sanders wasn’t even anywhere to be found in the credits.

    I heard that Brenda Chapman would keep her director’s credit for Brave, so I guess it means the situation is different from Sanders. Can we expect to see a lot of her direction style in the film ?