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How to Make A Pixar Short in 24 Easy Steps

Pixar’s latest short film The Blue Umbrella has had a rough awards season, having been locked out of both the Oscars and the Annie Awards, but that doesn’t diminish the passion and effort that went into its production. The film’s director Saschka Unseld is celebrating the film through the new website The Blue Umbrella Making-Of Holiday Calendar.

Every day between December 1st and the 24th, Saschka will present a behind-the-scenes look at the various stages of development and production on the film. In the first two days, Saschka has recounted his inspirations for the short and shared the pitch that he prepared for John Lasseter. Whether or not you enjoyed the film is beside the point. The early entries on the site suggest that Saschka will offer a rare and revealing insider’s look at Pixar’s creative process, and that’s worth checking out.

  • jmahon

    I loved this short film. The “love” subplot felt very shoehorned in there, and a tale about an umbrella trying to get back to it’s wet owner would’ve sufficed, but everything else was perfect. I loved the inclusion of the “pareidolia”, which is the term for when you see faces in everyday things. The entire thing felt like a beautiful re-imagining of the Brave Little Toaster’s city scenes, to me, and gave me the sacrilegious thought that if they were to remake the movie with this gorgeous highly realistic and shaded/lit style… well I wouldn’t be too angry.

    thanks for the awesome link, I’ll be glued to it!

  • Jamie

    Thank you SO much for sharing this! I loved the short film and thought due to the awards we would not hear much more about it so thank you I would have completely missed this otherwise!

  • GS

    Well if this isn’t the coolest thing ever. I wish all films would do something this in depth.

  • Jen Hurler

    I love how much Saschka Unseld seems to want to share his film with everyone. There is always new content on the facebook page, like the original written pitch, and at SIGGRAPH he was also very open and approachable. :)

  • Sneh

    I actually expected this to be some kind of cynical checklist of generic story devices that go into all pixar shorts.

    I’m sorry, I’m way too cynical these days….

  • Hankenshift

    The site is a bit more interesting than the short, which I found to be uninspired and rather pedestrian–especially for a studio like Pixar.

  • white vader

    Does anyone please have a link to why it was locked out of those awards? I missed that.