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John Lasseter gets a star on Hollywood Blvd.

Pixar/Disney’s John Lasseter received a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame yesterday – in front of the El Capitan Theatre – surrounded Pixar voice talent including Bonnie Hunt, Owen Wilson, Brad Paisley, Emily Mortimer, John Ratzenberger, Patton Oswalt, Don Rickles, Randy Newman and Cheech Marin. However, those photos you can see anywhere online. Here on Cartoon Brew we congratulate him with this photo snapped on my iPhone (above) with Lasseter surrounded by Pixar colleagues (including Ed Catmull, Pete Doctor, Bob Peterson and Pixar GM Jim Morris). And instead of the glossy promo video piece prepared by Disney (to essentially plug Cars 2 on DVD), we’ll embed this fan video below showing how his star was made…

Congratulations to John Lasseter!

  • wever

    Not surprising. He IS the creative head of the biggest animation studio right now.

  • Pretty cool, and certainly makes sense. I guess this was why the New York Times had an open, reader-submission Q&A with Mr. Lasseter last month, published the other day — the timing works out perfectly. (Alas, my question about the visible presence of women in the animation and comics business, or lack thereof, wasn’t selected… rats.)

  • Amy

    Seeing as how anyone in Hollywood can buy one–if they have enough fans (or a major studio…) “sponsor” them-and agree to the $30,000 fee to buy it and a yearly fee to maintain it-it’s no surprise

    As with most things in Hollywood–it’s less an honor than a publicity stunt. In this case a push for a Cars 2 Oscar, which he will never get. The sad part is, virtually no one showed up for this, other than those they seemed to have brought with them.

    • Bud

      I certainly don’t begrudge Mr. Lasseter getting this honor. He certainly deserves it more than many who’ve got a star!

      But I’ll also say it’s no big secret that the stars are bought and paid for by fans/companies/supporters. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has been a pretty open book about this since at least the mid-1970’s.

  • JustGoodSense

    [email protected]:30: Wow. I bet you’re a blast at weddings and christenings. (“Meh. Anyone can get married for the cost of a license. Babies? Hey, there’s seven billion, what’s one more? And look, there’s no one here but friends and family.”)

    Sad? Yes, of course. If no one showed up for my event besides Ed Catmull, Don Rickles and Patton Oswalt I would be devastated.

    • Steve Gattuso

      I think she’s referring more to the lack of publicity on the event. If someone had told me this was taking place yesterday, I’d have been down there in a hot minute. Instead, I only found out about it from a tweet by Patton Oswalt as it was taking place.

      Would advance notice on a place like the Brew have been against the rules of the site?

  • The people that helped make him big(artists, animators, etc)deserve a star too!

    • I don’t think it will happen any time soon. My strongly worded letter demanding a star for Rex Harrison’s hairdresser has so far met with silent indifference.

      we are all in the gutter but some of us are reaching for the stars…. luckily in hollywood the stars are located right by the gutter… and hooters

  • MissConception

    My opinion of this is teetering on the line between indifferent and slightly annoyed. Yeah, he worked hard and help shape the computer animation industry…. but Cars 2… I mean, really!!

  • From one Whittier High School grad to another, CONGRATULATIONS! John has made our Alma Mater proud!

  • Mister Twister

    What HAS he done??

  • Tim Hodge

    Nice to see another animation name along the walk!
    How many others are there? Walt Disney (2 stars), Roy O. Disney, Chuck Jones, Walter Lantz, June Foray, Jimmy Dodd (Mickey Mouse Club), Stan Freberg, Hanna-Barbera, Ray Harryhausen, Alan Menken, the Sherman Brothers, George Pal, Charles Schulz, Paul Winchell, (and a host of actors who did an occasional voiceover)…
    …Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, Winnie the Pooh, Shrek, Tinkerbell, Woody Woodpecker …

    What? Max Fleischer doesn’t have a star? Bob Clampett doesn’t have a star? Judge Judy has a star, why not Fleischer and Clampett?

  • Well, I for one am very happy for John, and believe he more than deserves it :)

    The most missed celebrities at the celebration: Woody & Buzz! ;)

  • Ben

    Those illegal aliens are going a good job pouring that cement on your star John!

    • José Jimenez

      Please don’t assume our immigration status or citizenship by the color of our skin.

  • mike Gabriel

    Congratulations, John. I am proud of you. I watched a young, bright eyed, passionate, intense man that loved Disney at it’s best in the late seventies/early eighties, sear his place into animation history by being true to what he loves and what he believes. John is the real deal. We are lucky to have him in our industry. And I am glad he keeps his head down and keeps plugging away trying make each film he oversees a powerhouse of emotion and entertainment. God luv ya, Johnny. I know I do.

  • Thanks for the renegade’s eye view of his star being born-keepin’ it real! Of course, I also saw “a day in the life of Lasseter”, and that was pretty unreal. So, maybe the more ritzy shots and polished video better represents the fantasy he’s living out.

  • Sometimes just one fan can make a difference. Gary Owens (SPACE GHOST, ROGER RAMJET, “Powdered Toast Man”, etc.) loves the Three Stooges so much that he paid for their star on the Walk of Fame himself. No hype, no tie-in, just Gary’s love (and cash) for three nyukking knuckleheads…

    (But WHICH three?)

  • Was that film of some lads at the grouting really necessary?

    This lad should have a star and tremendous recognition, he is a mighty man and no mistake

    • Is he a lad or a mighty man? “Mighty Man-Lad”? What’s wrong with a little view about how it was constructed? I thought it was interesting.

  • Brad Constantine

    Congrats Mr. Lasseter!! Can you help sponser one for John K?

  • Larry Lauria

    Hello. I have a related question. Who else from animation has a star on the HWF- including animators,writers, directors, characters, producers and voice talent? Thanks.