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“Monsters University” official trailer

Here it is, the brand-new “official” full length trailer (#2) for Pixar’s summer release, Monsters University.

  • thebullfrog

    Uh-oh. I’m starting to sense this will make three duds in a row. A fallible Pixar shakes my faith in the basic workings of the universe.

    • Sky High

      What about this trailer indicates MU will be a dud? The trailer is at least as appealing as anything else animated these days (if not more so). Besides, Pixar trailers are notoriously underwhelming compared to the actual films they represent. Based on the strength of the original, I’m going to give this one a shot and very much look forward to it!

      • I would have to agree on that bit about the trailers. Shoot, even trailers for other studios don’t always do a good job putting the film in a good light. So I do try to avoid dismissing a film (solely) on the trailer. Especially when it comes to Pixar films and their tendency to sometimes have weird premises. (like “Up”. An old guy ties balloons to his house and flies to South America, and he hangs out with a boy scout and a talking dog… Sounds MASSIVELY stupid but Pixar really pulled it off)

    • otterhead

      I’m with Sky High. This looks like a big step up from Cars 2, it’s a ton of fun, light and breezy. I’m very much looking forward to it.

      I’d also add that I’m unclear how you can classify “Brave” as a dud, considering its financial success and the number of awards it’s won or is nominated for.

      • The difference being Cars 1 wasn’t that great either: Cars 2, if nothing else, at least was an attempt to complete change the concept. This does not look like a dud: it looks like it’ll be within Pixar’s comfort zone to be sure, butit looks good. If it feels like a familiar “college movie”, one can’t help but suspect that’s because college movies are BASED on people’s lives in college

  • I think this one looks like a lot of fun.

  • Matthew Maners

    Cant wait for this, looks like they had fun making it.

  • J.T.

    More like, Monsters Pee-Yew!

    Am I right?



    (Oh, c’mon. If that crappy play-on-words was backed by some crappy Van Halen-sounding music, it could’ve been a gag in this trailer. THE ‘BRAIN TRUST’ DID IT AGAIN! Woo-hoo!)

  • wever

    Eh. It looks like it’s written smartly and cleverly, but just the entire concept doesn’t sound good. It just looks like the standard “family-friendly college” plot, but with monsters.

    Also, didn’t Mike and Sully know each other since the 4th grade!?

    • Shazbot

      Yeah. I hate continuity farts.

    • They never say in the trailer that they’ve never met before. For whatever its worth.

      • Kyle_Maloney

        You don’t typically introduce yourself and shake hands after knowing someone for a while.

  • Matthew Maners

    I swear so many people on this site are so down on animation. Has Pixar batted a 1000 always, no but to instantly write off this film because it is a sequel is a bit ignorant. MU looks to be exactly what animation needs and that is something fun and well cartoony.

    • You have to make fun of something that’s popular, that’s how you get hits on the Internet!

    • yellowmage

      It’s a prequel. But, yeah, it looks pretty great! I’ll definitely be seeing it! Maybe now over and over again like Wreck-It Ralph, but at least once!

  • Joseph Hudak

    It looks entertaining enough. However it still looks like every college movie ever made (minus the women & booze) with monsters in the place of people. Not that it won’t be good, but on that basis it feels a bit stale.

    There doesn’t seems to be much of an overarching plot outside of Mike and Sully’s rivalry and how they became pals later on. Is it the tried-and-true college football game? Is it a heist? Is it some secret conspiracy like the first one?

    Unless there is some sort of dramatic change in tone, this one looks like one of the most lighthearted Pixar movies ever made.

  • Jake

    I can already hear the complaints about how this isn’t an Oscar-worthy masterpiece, but it looks fun to me. And we don’t get enough movies that are just plain fun.

    • My Soul Went Direct to Video

      isn’t that what the other 3D animation studios are for?

      • Jake

        Who’s to say a studio can’t make more than one type of movie? That’s the kind of thinking that limits the industry in general.

  • Tom

    Loved the first film, and was definitely a favourite from my childhood. I can’t even begin to describe how giddy I was during this trailer.

  • Alberto

    This looks like a Sony movie, not a Pixar one. I’m a big fan of Wall-E, Up, Nemo… I’m starting to loose my faith in Pixar.

    • Nic

      One film is not up to your standards after a solid streak of hits? ‘Not Easy To Please’ doesn’t begin to cover this.

    • a sony guy

      Hey thanks!

  • I love the Monsters Inc. universe so much, I definitely want another visit :)

  • Dana B

    That was quite an assortment of random clips. Then again, this is only the first trailer and the point of it is to not show off A LOT of the film.

    I think I’d go to see it for the visuals alone. Man, oh man…

    I already like the character Art and the “villain”, they definitely have the best designs I’ve seen so far, which is why I love Monsters Inc. in the first place aside from the clever concept surrounding the film and heartfelt story.

    We have a number of months to go before the film launches, so we’ll see what happens…

  • Nipplenuts McGurk

    I feel like Pixar’s humor is already starting to age a bit. I watched Monsters Inc. 3D a month or so back, and while I enjoyed it on a nostalgia and heart-warming level, it didn’t really make me laugh. I just find the premise of this movie to be a bit perplexing. I think part of Pixar’s success is developing stories that people of all ages can relate to in some way. What kid is going to relate to the college scenario and gags related to it? I suppose you can say “eh, kids already like these characters…they’ll just enjoy the funny monsters”. Maybe that’s true…it just seems like a lazy and slightly misguided plot for another movie starring these characters. I think a proper sequel instead of a prequel would have been more creatively challenging and ultimately more interesting for the viewers.

  • I was initially a bit apprehensive about this movie, Monsters Inc. has never really screamed “series!” to me. But this trailer makes me feel a lot better, more confident in the film. I really hope it’s good.

    On a side note, a lot of the monster designs are pretty cool.

  • Walt

    Looks like the snail from DreamWorks Turbo makes a cameo appearance.

    • haha that might be a deliberate shot, which seems just considerring how often Dreamworks makes them. “Yeah, this isn’t that funny a gag, but at least we didn’t base a whole film around it”

    • Perdo Nakama

      Could be an homage to UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs.

    • Polecat

      Maybe it was one of the slugs from Epic?

    • Charrpie

      and toothless from How To Train Your dragon also made a cameo appearance

  • Scott Shaw!

    That button gag does its job. I actually laughed, which doesn’t happen often, especially at new cartoons.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    I actually am looking forward to this. I got a few kicks out of the trailer–such as the monster in the art club showing off his art skills, Sully falling off a bookshelf and totally enjoying it and a monster crying out “I can’t go back to jail!” and running off.
    I want to enjoy the movie for what it is–a cute movie about Sully and Mike’s past,

  • Emily

    The campus looks like it was inspired by UC Berkeley. Would make sense because of Pixar’s proximity to it. The gate looks very similar.

  • i think Pixar’s reached the point where if a film is a “light comedy” people associated with a non Pixar CG film. This looks like a fun buddy movie, putting non humans in a very relatable human setting. This is certianly within Pixar’s comfort zone, and well the CG animated american film comfort zone, but they could certainly own it.
    And yes, they ARE supposed to have met in 4th grade. Who knows though, maybe they’ll still hook that up…

  • Joseph Hudak

    Looks like Randall is being relegated to cameo role. Odd since he was the main antagonist in the first one.

  • Mesterius

    Thanks, I’ll wait for the movie. These long trailers always give away too much.

  • Am I the only one who thought of the Spongebob Squarepants movie when the song played in the background at 00:26?

  • Floyd Norman

    How time flies. I began boarding on the original back in the summer of 1999. Go see this film. It’s entertaining and it’s gonna make a lot of money.

  • shadypotential

    looks hilarious. that football play had me in stitches. that huge guy just comes out of nowhere lmao

  • Powell

    Count me in. Looks really fun. if they have a winning story somewhere in here, all power to em. Loving the variety of monster designs.

  • Mike Scott

    Looks fun, really. Doesn’t look like it gets too heavy on itself, I’m a fan of that slightly arbitrary humour, particularly the art student monster smashing his face into the canvas. Sold me right there ;)

  • Looks really nice in 1080P. I’ll go see it ^^

  • Just as you don’t judge a book by its cover you should never judge a movie by its trailer. This could be a compilation of the best bits of the film and the rest will be crap or the worst bits and the rest will be a triumph. Look at this – its the teaser to the first Monsters inc, it sets up the universe but that is all it does. Does it tell you about the relationship between Sully and Boo? No. Does it tell you about the vicious rivalry between Randal and Sully that leads to the amazing set piece with the boors? No. Trailers are just a way to get people into theatres so they can see the actual movie. See the movie, then judge.

    • wever

      What it DOES tell you is that Mike and Sully knew each other since at least the 5th grade. Whoops.

      • Ha ha ha I noticed that too, didn’t feel a space for it in my uncalled for rant though ;)

  • I’ll see it on the bigscreen – looks good !

  • Allen

    It’s looking great! There’s a ton of appeal in those designs too.

  • Luther Burbank

    Fantasia 2015 as envisioned by Pixar….that would be most welcome.

  • akira

    hmm a monsters inc. college movie, is there a subplot of Mike trying to get laid? will we learn why sully’s got stoner eyelids?

  • Peter Huestis

    Seems funny, design looks great. What’s not to like?

  • Topher

    I think it looks great, I laughed out loud at a couple parts. What is with all the Pixar hate lately? I guess when you’re top dog people want to see you fail.

  • Roberto González

    Looks slightly unnecesary but still pretty funny. Personally I don’t have any problem with the scenario not being for kids. When I was a kid I loved the Looney Tunes and it’s not that they were full of kid-friendly scenarios or anything. I enjoyed characters like Foghorn Leghorn which is not your typical childish character, just because he was fun. Simmilar thing with The Muppets. A part of me also thinks a sequel could be more exciting than knowing how Sully and Mike met but another part tells me this is a little more creative and especially, I DIDN’T WANT TO SEE BOO AGING. The ending of Monsters Inc. was especially subtle about that. I want to remember Boo as a little girl.

  • Looks Good I just hope it has a good story behind it. Pixar’s last two movies were really lacking in the story department.

  • it’s a different feel/look from other Pixar films but I like it.

  • Wil

    Anybody else recognize the song “Now That We’re Men” from the Spongebob movie being played?!?

  • charrpie

    This feels a bit like a DreamWorks movie than a Pixar Movie,too much of epic humor and lack of meanings

  • ibey129

    I had my doubts about this movie before i saw this trailer, now i really want to see it!