New “Cars 2” trailer New “Cars 2” trailer

New “Cars 2” trailer

  • Animation Nerd

    Sadly, like the last few trailers… there’s been nothing in there that’s making that spark in brain glow and say “I have to go see that.” A Pixar first.

  • Tim Schuit

    “Am I missing something?”

    My thoughts exactly after watching that trailer…

    • Blasko

      This was also exactly what I was thinking, Tim.

  • I feel like the purple car at the 1:32 mark.

  • Tom


  • Rufus

    You know what? I’ll see it. Looks better than any of the following: Puss in Boots, Shrek 3, 4, Bee Movie, Megamind, Madagascar 2, Madagascar 1, Over the Hedge, Flushed, Shark Tale….etc

    • 4er

      glad you recognized that dragon is worthy of not being involved in your dreamworks bashing. and as someone working on PIB, you are very, very mislead.

    • David

      Sounds like the rantings of someone who has seen maybe one of those movies and then passed judgment on the rest. High quality review there, Rufus.

    • Sabrina

      I object to listing Megamind in the same category as Bee Movie!

      Anyway, not to say that the rest of those movies are wonderful, but I would actually rather see most of them than Cars 2. At least with Dreamworks I EXPECT that a good chunk of their movies are supposed to be unoriginal.

    • Funkybat

      I’d definitely put Megamind, Over the Hedge, and even the Madagascar movies in a different class than the rest.

      And Shark Tale needs it’s own class, or should I say, “quarantine.” I’d rather watch Bee Movie back to back 3 times before ever seeing that film again.

  • snip2354

    So it’s Mater’s Tall Tales: The Movie? I thought those “didn’t happen.” The pun jokes at the end of the trailer just shows that this film won’t exactly be comedy gold.

    It appears that Pixar took over the Apple Trailers page too! I know Apple has connections with Pixar, but still!

  • Finally a Pixar movie I don’t need to see. I saw Cars, though I was underwhelmed by the trailers. I have no desire to see this 2 hour ad for their new toy line.

    • Funkybat

      I think it could be fun as a spy movie parody, though that’s admittedly not the usual kind of thing we can expect from Pixar. I think that they just want to have big, dumb fun with the Cars Universe, make lots of vehicular puns and visual gags, and put simple entertainment ahead of high-minded “meaning” or “ideas.” The “big idea” of the film seems to be Mater and McQueen’s friendship. Trying to read anything more than that into it is likely a fool’s errand. But you know what? I’m ready to just sit back and enjoy a beautifully-animated “popcorn movie.” As long as it’s entertaining and keeps moving, it will probably succeed as that.

  • gjs

    What version of “You Might Think” is that in the trailer? Doesn’t sound like the original Cars version.

  • Skeptical

    Another Pixar buddy movie. I guess expecting much else from the All Boys Club known as the brain trust would be expecting too much. But does it have to look so much like a direct-to-dvd effort?

  • Can’t wait for this….roll on June!

  • BM

    Cars are a deeply unappealing topic. Seems like a pet project for the ones at the top in Pixar- I mean, of ALL the possible Pixar releases to sequelize? I’d rather see 3 Fast 3 Furious or whatever the next Vin Diesel car movie is.

    • Anoniguy

      Multi BILLION dollar toy license. There was NO WAY this wasn’t getting a sequel.

    • Funkybat

      Toys aside, I think it comes down to John Lasseter being far from finished playing with his “Cars.” I recall hearing that he originally wanted to have every make & model of car ever made have a visible cameo in at least one shot over the course of the first film. Eventually practicality got in the way of including them all, though they certainly got a lot in.

      As a car geek, I dig jokes like having the villains be AMC cars, or having them have to remove their wheels at the airport checkpoint. I do realize it’s unreasonable to expect everyone to enjoy that kind of thing, and I can’t blame someone who didn’t dig all the auto geekery of the first film to care about it in the second.

  • Alissa

    Well, that clinches it. Summer movie ticket money goes to Kung Fu Panda 2. Rather watch a martial arts flick than a buddy car movie.

    • Scarabim

      The Kung Fu Panda 2 movie storybooks are already in stores. I read one at the supermarket yesterday.

      And, going by what I read, the story is pretty meh IMO. There are two major ingredients missing: a real sense of danger, and a certain snow leopard.


      • Daniel M.

        I love how wrong you are…..

      • Daniel M.

        …and by wrong i was speaking to Scarabim, not Alissa. You’ll be glad you saved your $$$ for panda

      • David

        Wait to see the movie, Scarabim, before you make story comments on this gem.

      • Alissa

        Um, Mr./Ms. Scarabim? I simply find baby panda flashbacks and gratuitous fight sequences to be a better hook than talking cars.

        I’m not insulting Pixar’s writing abilities. It’s just that I didn’t find the previous Cars movie appealing and the trailers for the sequel continue not to.

      • Pepper

        Uhm .. if you read the ‘Tangled’ kids books, they hardly mention anything past the mid-act of the film. Most of them feature the things Rapunzel likes to do in her tower.

        I even remember the ‘Enchanted’ kids books completely leaving out the fact that the guy Giselle winds up with, was dating someone else the entire time.

        Kids books are misleading and made to teach kids how to read, and they are often made MONTHS in advance of the final project, which is still being tuned together until the final MONTH the film is released.

        SO. Don’t judge a movie by it’s kids book, that’s completely silly.

    • CJ

      @ Daniel M. :

      Books can be misleading in terms of movie quality, especially if the art quality of the book is subpar and the length it extremely short, around 24 pages. However, there have been instances where the book reflects perfectly the poorly crafted mood character development, and execution of the film. I think it’s rare but it has occurred.

      As for my personal opinion on KFP2, I think it will be good. Cars, not so much.

    • Funkybat

      I don’t really see a need to choose, I’m certain that I’ll go see Cars 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2 in theaters. There has been almost nothing but dreck in theaters for the past few months, so I’ve stayed away. It will be good to have a few different movies that I’m actually looking forward to. I’ve missed the movie-going experience, but I won’t pay to see derivative garbage (unless it’s a parody of derivative garbage.)

      • Alissa

        I wish I could see more than a couple movies this year, but icket prices are way too high right now to see more than a few, sadly. All we’ve seen in theaters this year is Rango.

        It costs almost fifty dollars just in tickets for a ‘theater experience’. I can get a redbox dvd, pizza, and soda for under ten. Cars 2 will probably wait for a redbox watch.

  • Jonah

    Looks like a lot of fun! Can’t wait!

  • Neil

    I’d be way more interested in a sequel to The Incredibles, but Michael Caines character made me smile. maybe enough to interest me into checking it out.

    • Funkybat

      That reminds me, is that 1906 movie ever getting made? And if not, will Brad return to animation?

  • Anoniguy

    I bet my kids will love it. Cars driving fast, things blowing up – what more could a five year old ask for?

    The thing which concerned me the most was seeing Fillmore. Do you think they got George Carlin’s dialogue recorded before he died? Or is someone sitting in for him? That would disappoint me.

    • Funkybat

      I’m betting the latter, but who knows. It appears that most of the denizens of Radiator Springs play minor roles in the film. Considering how little we heard from him compared to the other characters when they were all hanging around Radiator Springs, I wouldn’t expect more than a couple of lines from Fillmore (if that) in this one.

  • If only the characters weren’t cars I’d probably be more interested.

    I’ll not lie, I’ll probably watch it cause I watch most animated movies, but I’m not very excited. I’m anticipating KFP 2 a lot more, I hope that one delivers.

  • I didn’t see eyes on the plane.
    Why do cars get to live while planes do not?

    Maybe by the third or fourth movie, we’ll finally be treated to explorations of mass production, identical models, life, death, biology, and the pointless ergonomics of the CARS. Are these vehicles born on assembly lines, among hundreds of identical siblings? Are they designed by a human/god or a car-designing car? If they live, do they eventually die, or are they junked only to suffer a lingering zombie existence? In what part of the car does identity reside? What purpose does romance among cars serve? Were there primitive apelike cars that rolled the earth millions of years ago ? Is car birth a deliberate process? It must by its very nature incorporate a multitude of parts manufactured in many places. As cars are brought into being, do they exhibit baby personalities? Must they grow and learn? Do they feel pain upon impact, and if so, how is routine maintenance anything other than excruciating? Are there enormous optical nerves trailing from those huge singular orbs, leading to a brain somewhere inside? Will they die if not refueled quickly enough? Is it necessary to exchange some form of money for replacement parts? What form of money? What is the financial exchange system of the CARS? Do the cars have national boundaries? It would appear so, from the many accents the cars exhibit. Do the CARS have wars? Are there car jails? How did the cars miraculously escape the curse of religion? Is the CARS universe really on Earth in the far future of WALL-E after the humans finally died? What happened to WALL-E, then?

    CARS 2 appears to be both more cynically-conceived and more entertaining then the first CARS movie.

    • religion? mater did mention the “pope-mobile” being Catholic, so it seems there is some sort of religion in this world…

    • The Gee

      On your latest Looney Tunes Show comments, I agree with you because the franchise is an old one that features iconoclastic characters. Classic ones.

      On this though, I don’t see the need to parse it too much. I get where you are coming from. I do. And, it is funny. But, every cartoon should have its own inherent logic. I never once asked how a tortoise and a hare could stand on their hind legs and run a foot race. There’s just no need to question that or how Bugs Bunny played the role of said hare. Asking too many questions ruins everything.

      If at some point it ceases to make sense, which is inevitable, then you could list several things which have changed that led to it no longer making sense.

      You probably know all three possibilities.

    • Killskerry

      You missed one that I often point out to people. Mater is a horrific monster. He owns a salvage yard in the first movie right? Salvage is pretty much taking the scraps of old cars and selling it so it can be used in new cars.

      Mater is literally selling body parts. Does he go out and find the dead along the quiet highways chop them up and sell them to the residents of radiator springs? That’s SICK! SICK I SAY. And even if the body-parts are given up willingly…that sounds like some weird black market organs ready for transplant. Is it that casual to have guts taken out and put back in in this weird unsettling Maximum overdrive type future?

      • Yeah! Mater is like Dr. Moreau/Mengele. He’s all nice and southern and laid back on the surface, but in the depths of his junkyard he’s a vivisectionist, compelled by dark urges that defy description – just like Andy Taylor on the old ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW. Or maybe that’s DEXTER. Showtime’s DEXTER, not Genndy Tartakovsky’s.

      • Anoniguy

        I’d watch that movie. I’d watch that movie TWICE. In 3D!

    • The planes DO have eyes.

    • Azz

      I agree so much with this. Unlike all the other Pixar Universes it is not at all thought out. The one thing that got me in Car was how the frig a Car reads a newspaper?? Lazy!

      That said, I’d love to see a dark version where the idea of Car mortality is explored.

    • CJ

      @ Frank Panucci :

      Those were some of my biggest problems with the movie. Even for a fantasy, the realism of it is so undeniable that you cannot help but question how things function in their world. Didn’t like Cars 1, and most certainly will not like the second movie.

      • Funkybat

        I’m a little OCD when it comes to continuity/internal logic of movies, so I know very well all the things that are peeving some people about the “Cars Universe.” Before the first movie was even over, I had to just fall back into a kind of forced suspension of disbelief. It was all so bizarre that, to try to parse it all out logically and trace the evolution, would make one insane.

        It’s a world where things make sense to a certain point, then are completely illogical. You have to accept it on a “cartoon logic” level, or not accept it at all. I would rather enjoy this silly nonsense world where vehicles equal humans (and even insects) rather than break my brain trying to figure out how they are born, how they manipulate objects with their tires, or if Mater is more mechanic or mortician. I do think these inconsistencies would make for fertile ground for other animators to parody. The comment about about Mater’s “sick” business alone would be a great short!

  • Spencer

    I’m sorry. I just can’t….

  • I love the cars universe. I can´t wait!

  • hmmmmm. I. Have. No. Idea.

    Ill be there in june though…….

  • Ken Bruce

    Pixar bows to the corporate overlords and starts printing money.

    The end of Pixar’s Golden Age begins now.

    • CJ

      @ Ken Bruce :

      I’ve been thinking this as well. :/ Although some of their other lineups look promising.

  • wgan

    Funny few Brewers buy it, but kids around the world will be filling the theaters when it opens – That’s how the real business rolls out!

  • I think it’s gonna be better than the first Cars, but nothing close to The Incredibles.

    Now, I just hope that all that money from merchandising goes to making 2 great, NEW pixar movies. My 2 cents.

  • Gerard de Souza

    “It’s called show business, not show art.”

    –Jean Seberg
    Just sayin’…when it comes to this.

    • Andrew

      In that case, it should have been direct-to-DVD. Would have saved a bunch of money and not wasted the talents of some of the best artists in the business.

  • Roland Denby

    I think I’ll put the DVD of “Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch” in, and watch that instead. Cuter, and I’ll save $13.00 on a movie ticket. ;-)

  • Randy Koger


    Not a chance….Pixar being lazy, far as I’m concerned.

    I’ll pass this one.

  • Matt G

    I knew that Pixar was planning to get to the stage where they could release ONE film every year. But why grow to push out TWO or THREE in a year?
    I’d rather wait for one quality hand made garment than have two or three industrialized production line items thrust at me.
    Smaller studio, better people, better communication and hopefully better product.
    Let DWA or whoever else become the behemoths, the Goliaths. Pixar should be the David in this regard.
    I guess it’s the money men & investors who are pushing so hard for this ramp up while the Pixar brand is still red-hot.

    One thing I wish Pixar would implement for all its artist & staff is something like the “Amnesia Fortnight” initiative that they have at Double Fine.
    I think there’s great value in a “Amnesia Fortnightly” unshackling of all their creative teams, TDs and art/story/animation departments etc.

    • Conor

      The Double Fine “Amnesia Fortnights” are basically analogous to an animated shorts program, which Pixar already has. Regarding the first half of the comment, Cars 2 is the only Pixar feature coming out in 2011, and they only have one feature each slated for 2012 and 2013.

      • Matt G

        The animated shorts program is still on a relatively large and time consuming scale by comparison. Pitching your idea for a short at a place like Pixar isn’t something that anyone, from veteran to junior would ever do lightly.
        I guess they also have Pixar-Uni and all the more collaborative projects and initiatives that CAN happen through that. Yet nether of these seem to be as spontaneity or ‘throw away’ ‘for fun’ initiative that invite everyone to participate freely as an amnesia initiative might. It’s not simply the scale of a development program, it’s what can potentially grow out of it.

        PS: this article is what I had in the back on my mind while writing the first half of my earlier comment. Have a read. Cheers.|News|LatestNews

  • I dunno, I feel this trailer is a little more appealing because it had a little more heart than the others.

  • It looks an awful lot like “A Man Called Flintstone”.

    • Jorge Garrido

      Pushing the art of animation forward! Engineering progress!

  • The Gee

    When I was a kid there was one thing I didn’t have and one thing that happened regularly.

    I didn’t have internet message boards.

    And, the thing that happened regularly is movies were released for kids. Back then, as I mentioned, I was a part of that group. In hindsight, I’ve seen some stupid movies. But, at the time, I didn’t know how to be critical. I only knew what I didn’t like.

    I would have watched this sequel then and don’t begrudge anyone for anticipating it now. Really, there have been worse movies made for kids which starred cars. And those movies begat many sequels. Seriously. The world didn’t end.

  • Once a Jedi crosses over to the dark side there is no redemption…

    • Rick R.

      So Darth Vader killing the Emperor meant nothing?

      Redemption can be done.

      Never saw Cars 1, but as Bill Hanna allegedly once said about the Smurfs: This ain’t art, it’s a bidness!

      The spy angle makes it seem like it might be more fun than the original.

  • Pixar are part of Disney, so they are going to make films that make them money through toys and whatever else. Let’s see what they do with it as I’m sure it will be perfectly watchable.

    Don’t forget, they need to make these ‘sure fire hit’ movies for the mass audience so they have the freedom to do the odd pushing the envelope film, within their Hollywood limits, I might add.

    For all those who are disheartened, please remember that Pixar are a brand now and have been for many years. You need to look elsewhere for your groundbreaking films (and outside of the Hollywood system).

    I love Pixar’s clean fun and it certainly will get me to go see it when it comes out. I’m not a big fan of the cars, but I’ll go see it in the cinema as it’ll no doubt have more wow factor on the big screen.

  • Sheesh. Everyone seems to be way too cool or mature to enjoy a movie about talking cars aimed for kids.

    Get over yourselves.

    Pixar continues to be a powerhouse in original storytelling and cutting edge CG animation. I will never throw in the towel and miss a Pixar movie. They are always entertaining regardless of its gimmick.

  • Skip

    I have loved just about everything that Pixar has produced, because the studio always does great work. That said my least favorite Pixar film is Cars. I suppose I am one of those analytical people who question why the cars have seats and steering wheels, but don’t have people to sit in and steer them. Aside from that I have no complaints with the first film, as the storytelling and animation are top notch. This is the Pixar film that I am least excited about seeing, although I will probably watch it anyway because it’s Pixar.

  • A.C. the actor

    This trailer doesn’t excite me. Though honestly, the trailers for the last few Pixar films have really underwhelmed me, as well. I mean, based solely on the trailers for Toy Story 3? I would not have seen it. The Pixar trailers have been atrocious lately.

    It’s true that Cars is my least favorite Pixar film, but it was still a good film. Just not great. I will be seeing Cars 2 in spite of this poor trailer. I am looking forward to seeing the film only because I will be seeing it with a six year old who loves Lightning McQueen. It’s cheesy but the laughter of children does enhance my enjoyment of Pixar films.

  • Andrew

    Does anyone over the age of 6 like these movies?

    (Excluding Jon Lassetter?)

  • Jim

    Wow, so why is everyone here so bitter and hateful? Is this what I’m going to become 20 years from now?

    I sure hope not.

    • Captain Hollywood

      “….You..will be.”
      – Yoda, 1980

    • Rly

      Bitter and hateful? No-just some people looking at a really dumb trailer and weighing in.

  • The Gee

    Man, I could not make up what is at the end of that link. It is an actor’s bio.

    It is probably worth noting…no, it probably isn’t worth too much to note that he under contract with one studio, Disney.

    Now, I am not one of those Car-di-ologists. I don’t know what makes those living cars tick. Heck, I never put thought into why Speed Buggy stuttered and stammered. And, when it came down to understanding how that movie idol came to be life. Personally, I was surprised a priest never showed up to cleanse his carburetor.

    Given during the movie career of that particular celebrity there were numerous other vehicular divas which starred in their own flicks. (Hyuck-Hyuck-abee wouldn’t like it but they were all possessed by Satan.)

    Don’t strain your brains trying to figure out why these feature films happen. Just know there was and is an audience for ghost cars, ghost trains, evil hotrods and for madcap, adventurous animated vehicles.

    It doesn’t matter (Mater?) if we don’t know who’s behind the wheel. As far as we know there is a higher power playing with their Matchbox and HotWheels cars, unseen to the camera.

    Don’t focus on the studio, focus on the film. Or don’t look at all.

  • tonma

    It’s cool an colorful and all, but try to see this as if there was no Cars 1, the trailer wouldn’t make any sense: You wouldn’t even know who the protagonist is, because mater steals so much screen time. It just seems to me it won’t stand on it’s own (as the toy story sequels did) and that is not something good. Will watch it anyway to hopefully stand corrected.

  • Mike Johnson

    You know what? Cars 2 will make me forget about my troubles for a couple of hours, and isn’t that what going to the movies is really all about? I guess I’m just a big kid, but I’ve loved all of Pixar’s films, own them all on video, and have watched them all more than once. I am seriously looking forward to this one, and it looks to be more entertaining than the first so far as I can tell, so I’m a pretty happy camper (maybe I could be a character in Cars 3…the Happy Camper!) right now.

    I’ll leave it up to all you professional folks to figure out whether it is good or not, but I don’t think Mom and Dad America will stay away from Cars 2. In fact, I’ll bet it does real well at the box office.

    Thanks Pixar!

  • “Pixar can do no wrong…” unless you’re talking about Cars.
    “Pixar has great original characters and stories…” unless you’re talking about Cars.
    “Talking toys and rats that cook are totally acceptable ideas in a human world”…but trying to justify the Cars world just doesn’t compute.

    Toy Story 3 brought in billions in merchandise alone, but Cars is the only Pixar film to try and “cash in” on toys and that’s why it got a sequel.

    I just….don’t get all the hate.

    • Jorge Garrido

      I agree with you, except my conclusion is the exact opposite. I don’t get all the love.

    • CJ

      @ Sabrina:

      Well, I know you work for Disney/Pixar as a comic artist so it would not surprise me that you would try and defend this film. I’m not saying that to be mean, but it is not uncommon for people who work for a particular company to defend almost any product because A. they work for them, and B. they’ll get fired or penalized for critiquing work publicly in most instances.

      I understand that Pixar is a business, first and foremost. But that doesn’t mean they’re absolved critiques from making poorly scripted and executed trailers or films.

      Talking cars is fine, it was even done in an older Disney short. The problem with me personally is that the realism overrides my ability to take it for fantasy. You see, animals DO communicate, certain AI DO communicate. Cars do not and they are certainly limited in what can be explored within their world.

      It’s not as though people are “hating” because they want to. it’s because they’ve been given sound reasoning to dislike and question this film.

      • In all fairness, I started doing Cars stuff only just over a year ago and my opinion on the movie isn’t entirely swayed by a biased opinion. I don’t work for Disney, but am a part time freelancer for Boom!Studios. I can’t see any reason for me “being fired” or “penalized” for the work I do and the opinions I hold or don’t.

        Cars isn’t my favorite Pixar film either, to me, they still haven’t topped Monsters Inc. However, I just don’t think it’s as terrible as so many people say, and I just find it funny that a lot of people can’t accept a cartoon world of talking cars, but have no problem with most of Pixar’s other storylines. It just seems a bit hypocritical that’s all, and makes me wonder that if the car characters themselves were replaced with cute talking animals, would hold the same opinion.

  • DonaldC

    Well, at least it’ll be a visual treat.

    Those locales look very nice.

  • Norm

    “In doing sequels at Pixar, we only do a sequel when we come up with a great story for the characters in that world. We don’t just do it to print money like most studios do.”-John Lasseter

    So the billions of dollars earned from the merchandise of the first film had absolutely no influence on the decision to make this film? It’s obvious there will be a toy for every single one of Mater’s incarnations on the platform in this trailer.

    • Norm

      “NEW YORK — Merchandise tied to the Cars franchise has generated global retail sales of more than $8 billion, Walt Disney said Monday.

      That makes it one of the company’s top franchises at what are now $2 billion in global retail sales annually.

      “We think we have the potential to make it even bigger,” said Chris Heatherley, vp of toys for Disney Consumer Products. “We have a lot of headroom with the international and the spy component of the new movie and all the new product and technology, which takes it to the next level.”

      European audiences expressed a desire for Formula 1 cars after the first film, and the addition of Italian race car Francesco Bernoulli, voiced by John Turturro, in the sequel helps address that appetite, he added.”

      Sounds like you’re printing money to me Mr. Lasseter. Billions of dollars of it. It’s nice to know that Pixar satisfied the European market’s appetite for Formula 1 cars by crafting this new storyline too.

      Oh wait a minute…the European market’s desires and the 8 billion earned globally have nothing to do with how the Cars 2 story was conceived right? Pixar just randomly comes up with “great” stories for completely pure and artistic reasons, and the retail success just happens to happen. They don’t pay attention to the market research, business side, or financial projections at all.

  • I just like the fact that London is a location in the movie.

  • papasmurf

    is that weezer covering the cars?

  • Roland Denby

    Every one of Pixar’s films is a visual masterpiece. But, the subject matter and story sometimes leave me bored and uninterested. Such was the case with “Cars.” I had no interest in seeing the film, so I didn’t. The DVD came out, and since it’s a tax deduction I bought it. It sat on the shelf for a couple of months before I bothered watching. When I did, I fell asleep. It took two tries before I finished the film. I thought it was just “OK.” Such will probably be the case with this film too. Some of the BGs remind me of that mess called “Speed Racer.” I dunno why. On a related note, I felt the same way about “Monsters Inc.” But, when I finally watched it a couple of weeks ago, I was surprised at how much I really enjoyed it.

  • christian

    Well……How can a say this?!… My kids are going to LOVE it… But i doubt that my (co-workers/animators) are even going to go see it.

  • Mike

    I enjoyed the first Cars and despite my hesitations from the first few trailers, I’m getting a bit excited for this. It could very well be Pixar’s first big screw-up, but honestly, I think it looks better thatn what we get in the KFP2 trailers: “I’m a panda, I’m fat and lazy and dumb and I eat a lot…but I know Kung Fu!” The first KFP had a lot of heart, but the new trailers seem to just repeat variations on that theme ad nauseam. Regardless, I’ll still be seeing both films.


    I dunno man…

  • Clint H

    Well, I must say that each trailer of this movie that I see is starting to get a little bit better. I’ll still see this one, no matter what people. C’mon! It’s Pixar! Better than Dreamworks anyday…

  • i really hope this proves alot of people (including me!!) wrong and comes out a solid little story.

    Some good things Im noticing:

    – That shot of lightning Mcqueen and Mater in the plane watching tv is a nice nod to the change in Mcqueens life compared to the first one, where he traveled alone and had no friends.

    -this trailer reveals a little more of the heart behind the movie – Mater proving he’s not an idiot by saving the day. Not a new concept but there it is and it could be nicely executed.

    – Loving Michael Caine’s presence so far.

    – Could be a really fun ride if they let it. Im ready to see more!

  • Lucy

    You know, I actually -like- the Cars franchise. Yeah, it’s “sold out” a little more than other movie series with the toy lines and everything, the plots aren’t necessarily Citizen Kane, but they’re fun. Personally, going to car shows was I way I could bond with my dad growing up, and it made me laugh when I found out one of the villains is of all thing a Gremlin (the family owns one, proudly).

    No, it doesn’t have oceans-deep levels of plot structure of story-telling. But it’s fun, and it gives Pixar money and funding to make the next Toy Story or Incredibles…..

    On a somewhere, well, vehicular-related note, I’m still wondering how they’re going to fit the Pizza Planet truck cameo into “Brave”. I know, not really on-topic, but still a valid thought, I would argue.

    • thats actually a GREAT point hahahahaah! oh man, that’s gonna bother me for a year now!!

      Maybe it will be a horse drawn carraige that creatively resembles the pizza planet truck. “the haggis wagon” I dunno hahah good show!

    • A.C. the actor

      RE: Pizza planet truck in Brave

      Perhaps if there’s an inventor type character it will show up on some design sketches in the inventor’s extremely messy study?

  • Bud

    $85 million opening weekend.

    • Mark R.

      “We don’t make movies to make money.
      We make money to make more movies.”

      – Walt Disney

      • PeteR

        “Walt’s DEAD, and you missed him!”

        –Ward Kimball

  • tonma

    OOOOOOOHHHH!!! OOHH! I GET IT!! ‘The CARS’ song in the CARS movie!!!!!! neat!

    I’m not being ironic, I really didn’t catch the relation until now… feel so silly :P

  • Graham

    So, they’re switching the main character to LARRY THE CABLE GUY?

    Pixar, you would have to pull off some kind of miracle to:

    -Release a sequel to one of your least-liked films that is as good as or better than the original.

    -Make a movie with Larry the Cable Guy as the protagonist not annoying.

    • Funkybat

      As much as I generally dislike “dumb” characters and “hick” characters, I would rather watch 90 minutes focusing on Mater than 90 minutes focusing on Lightning McQueen. *That’s* how annoying that character is, and I usually like Owen Wilson. At least Mater is down to earth and makes bad puns…

  • KC

    2 Questions
    1. Will there be any animated movies that AREN’T Sequels this year?
    2. What the HELL is Eddie Izzard doing in this movie?

    • um…… rango count?

  • Pixar Fanboy

    Ugh! Typical Jeffrey crap stinking up movie theaters this summer. I’m going to avoid this latest DW crapfest and save my money for Pixar’s Kung Fu Panda 2.

  • now that is funny right there. a bunch of bonafide cartoon snobs looking down their collective noses at a pixar movie after watching nothing more than a trailer. i think they call that judging a car by its seat cover. yall knuckleheads need to figure out how to come up with your own opinions and stop giving this movie a rotten tow-mater before you see it.

  • Story Queen

    There’s a part of me that hopes it’s good. You really shouldn’t wish any malice on animated films because Hollywood itself has a major biased against the medium. The moment animated movies stop doing well, the executives pull the plug on the whole genre. Look what happened to traditional animation. And if Pixar stops being successful, what will that mean for all the other studios?

    Although, the other half of me almost believes Pixar needs a kick in the teeth. All studios have tasted failure before. It’s how they learn. It also reminds them that they aren’t invincible. And honestly, I think just the fact that this movie exists is testament to the Pixar executives’ inflated egos and grandeur assumptions. “We can make any film and people will eat it up! Watch! We’ll make a sequel to our worst film and still make money off of it.”

    I think everyone needs a reality check.