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Pixar Announces “Finding Dory,” A Sequel to “Finding Nemo”

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres announced on her show today that Disney-Pixar will make an Andrew Stanton-directed sequel to Finding Nemo called Finding Dory.

Of course, Ellen’s fans went crazy:

Reactions outside of her studio audience were somewhat different:

  • John S

    AHAHAHAH APRI-oh, Wait. That was yesterday.

  • Lauren

    Midnight screening; 18 year olds everywhere. Who cares if its another sequel? Dory’s past is as mysterious as ‘what happened to Zuko’s mum?’- there are questions that need answering, people! I loves me some back story.

    • MH

      Seriously! I’m totally fine with this sequel, before everyone was saying, “DUR HUR is Nemo going to get lost again??” but with this seeming to be more about exploring Dory’s backstory and finding herself, I’m extremely interested in watching it!

  • So Disney/Pixar are basically being as safe as they can with this one right, given Stanton’s previous foibles?

  • truteal

    I’m starting to miss Michael Eisner more and more

    • Funkybat

      Let’s not go crazy here…that’s like saying you miss Bush just because you’re disappointed in Obama.

      • MRKid

        Um, who misses Bush?

        • “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”

          And like The Who, you fellow animation buffs shouldn’t be fooled again either.

    • Animator606432

      *shudders* No, don’t even joke like that. Until the day we see “Cars 3: Maters day out” I wouldn’t even think that phrase.

  • Kemane Ba

    haha I love cartoonbrew. : DD

  • mutatedjellyfish

    Oh boo hoo, Dory was a fun character.

  • Joseph_Hudak

    I’m not sure if I want Dory to be found.

  • Deaniac

    GEEZ, MAN. You’re reacting as if Mater got his own movie! Oh…right. Ehh. Never mind.

    This probably won’t be terrible, but I’d rather Pixar focus on those originals movies they announced a few months back.

  • d. harry

    Hopefully Stanton can get on to JC2 after this! I’m serious – I hate when something that is planned as a trilogy doesn’t get to come to fruition. Like the t.v. series Alcatraz, I was totally in to it and suddenly it gets cancelled and we’re left not knowing what the hell the intended payoff would have been.

    • Probably will never happen. It didn’t make money and the then-President of Disney had to pay for it (though he didn’t greenlight it) with his firing.

      • Luke

        Rich Ross, the Chairman of the Disney studios, was fired because he sabotaged the marketing of John Carter to put the “toon boys” back in their place and John Lasseter and others at Pixar threatened to leave.

        • Has this been confirmed by anyone at the studio or is this all a conspiracy? And how does 1952/Tomorrowland fit into this?

    • shadypotential

      John Carter was a great movie. Too bad there won’t be a sequel But I heard Disney might make Tron 3. So who knows

  • Chris

    As long as Albert Brooks gets a paycheck, it’s OK with me.

    • Funkybat

      Albert Brooks is one of the reasons I’ll actually go see this film in theaters, even if it is another sequel. Dory was funny & touching in her own way, but I like the idea of her being the one who has to be found because it may mean a little less screen time for the character. Her memory defect could be a bit frustrating to put up with for an hour and a half.

  • azzamckazza

    ‘Rata2ee’ to be released in 2015.
    Followed by ‘Braver’ in 2016


    • And yet we still won’t see ‘The Incredibles 2’, the one sequel I would actually like to see.

      • Mesterius

        I actually don’t want to see The Incredibles 2 unless Brad Bird himself wants to make it.

      • By the same logic I doubt we’ll be seeing Rata2ee either any time soon.

      • tim

        exactly thank you I do want to see finding dory though

      • Same here, Incredibles 2 would be awesome!

    • I’m really disappointed we never got “April of the Penguins”.

  • William Shakespeare

    You know….I was very disappointed when I heard that Pixar was going to make a Finding Nemo 2. But I hope this put it into perspective: “Finding Dory” is better than “Finding Nemo Again.” How about a Dory origin story? That would be promising…

  • shadypotential

    i’m totally fine with this. A slew of originals mixed with sequels. I can dig it.

    and for those who say “Disney is messing Pixar up” John Lasseter is CCO of Disney and Pixar meaning he greenlights what gets made and put out.

    • AmidAmidi

      John Lasseter is CCO of Disney and Pixar meaning he greenlights what gets made and put out.

      You don’t know a lot about how business works, do you?

      • shadypotential

        YES! finally Amid replies to me. I had to write that horrible comment in order for it to happen but it did.

        Check one off the bucket list.

  • I don`t know. Pixar has the power to compel us with amazing stories… The only one so-so until now was Brave (kind of a variation from Brother Bear), and I believe they did it just to show their new hair, shading and etc system. The rest of their stories were all amazing or nearly amazing…

    • Christoffer

      ” and I believe they did it just to show their new hair, shading and etc system”
      Why do you think that? Everybody is aware of the issues Brave had during production. They struggled with the story, because it was a very difficult story to tell, not because their focus was on the new shading system or whatever.

    • Shazbot

      Brave was awful. Animation-wise, it looked like early Dreamworks. And I didn’t like the heroine – selfish and looked like a Cabbage Patch Kid. And the plot was a ripoff of freaking BROTHER BEAR.

      “Wreck-It Ralph” should have won the Oscar. Much better movie all the way around.

      • Roberto González

        I liked the heroine, and I know she acted selfish and that she wasn’t very worried about her mother during the transformation scene. I still think she felt genuine and charismatic, even though not perfect. And I enjoyed the movie and the characters a lot more than Brother Bear. I also dislike ripoffs …except if it’s for the best.

        • But it can’t be a rip off if it’s by the same people and Brother Bear is Disney so almost…we too did liken it to Bother Bear though!

  • noxmoony


    Wryy Pixar…wryyyy.. Seriously? I almost thought this was a joke….although it might turn out better than I expected since Dory’s story is pretty mysterious…but come on what’s with Pixar and all these sequels anyway…..grrr. Anyway better than a finding Nemo 2 tho..

  • Nick

    This my friends is the fourth horseman of the apocalypse.
    The end is near.

  • Polecat

    It’s official. My patience for Pixar sequels has run out.

  • A Pixar sequel?! SHOCKED I TELL YOU!!

    When oh when will they return to doing those original stories about things that are funny because they’re just like people?

    • Alfred

      I think they are having a hard time finding their own voice after the tragic loss of Joe Ranft. I think they are walking on the same path he set many years ago. Just my opinion.

  • I’ll probably see this in theaters but the first time I saw the logo, I thought it was an April Fool’s joke. LOL The animation is probably better than the first one, right? Because of better technology? Right? Right?


    • Dan Kyder

      I hope young Dory has wonderful long, flowing hair

      Because that’s what I look for in a movie. A single technical marvel and nothing else.

  • Toy story 1, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3 now tell me how are they are going to go wrong with Finding Dory?

    • Slinky Dog

      Cars 2

  • Walter

    I can’t believe you used actual pictures of actual people actually crying and suffering on actual tragedies just to make your silly joke. Shame on you. (also: There are good movies and bad movies. Them being sequels, prequels, remakes, reboots… is trivial)

  • Natalie Belton

    I hope this won’t end up being like another Cars 2…

  • I mean, the Toy Story sequels are pretty great. Finding Nemo is one of the more beloved Pixar films so I’m guessing they’ll put a lot of effort into making this good.

  • Joshua Copperman

    April Fools Day was yesterday…

  • jhalpernkitcat

    I really liked “Finding Nemo” and truthfully, I loved Dory. She was both funny and sweet, and the perfect supporting character to help Marlin lighten up a bit and become a better father for his son.

    Although I would admit, if there was any character I could chose from that movie to have their own movie–it would definately have been Crush and Squirt, the sea turtles–my favorite characters in the entire film.

  • Toonio

    Disney again falls back into the mistakes of the past; It’s like the soul of Eisner never left Disney at all.

    Add to the mix the fact that Andrew Stanton thinks he can direct a story without a Joe Ranft by his side, and you’ll have a train wreck that will still make money thanks to Disney’s brainwashed fans that will drop their pants for anything with the name Disney on it.

    This is an open letter to Travis Knight: Lure the frustrated Pixar artists to Laika and skyrocket to the stratosphere of greatness.

    Now all things being equal I think Disney should give Newt a look back. I thinks they will still keep the Pixar brand alive that way than reboiling old franchises.

    And keeping the tally on Disney efforts on killing the magic during the last 10 years: 25 (Happy non-anniversary Mickey)

  • TK

    Still waiting for Robin Hood sequel… 40 years later. :(

  • Is it me or is Cartoon Brew losing it’s unbiasness? As a pixar fanatic, I must concede to being rather apprehensive about this: though if Monsters University is a quality film, and honestly it’s making me very confident based on what i’ve seen thus far, that’ll help.

    Frankly I think if Toy Story 3, which was right up to snuff with there standards and pushed the drama up one or two notches, hadn’t been followed by another sequel, and lets face it it hadn’t been a Cars sequel, I don’t know if people would be this worried. And of coruse it didn’t help that Brave, while certainly a good film in it’s own right, wasn’t as great as there standard: after Cars 2 they really needed another Ratatouille.

    Still, we have at least two original films out before that, THREE if they finally get two out in a year, so lets see how we feel about another sequel in three more years…

  • I’ve been hoping to see Pixar try their hands at an adaptation.

    • JohnnyBoy

      Most Pixar films are adaptations of the original director’s story before they’re fired and replaced by someone in the Lasseter’s puppet circle.

  • MudMarox

    Why they don’t make a sequel of The Incredibles !?!?!

  • From all the blogs and podcasts I’ve plugged into that follow Disney, Ellen DeGeneres has been BEGGING to do more voice work for Pixar and to play Dory again. A fairly bankable star with her own national platform to promote your brand, which happens to be one of the most financially successful films of all time? It was never a question of if with this one – the fact that it took so long to happen actually gives me hope that the guys at Pixar hopefully waited until they actually had a good story idea to go ahead with this one. Stanton has been done with John Carter for a year now, so I can only imagine this has been his main focus.

  • I just hope this one has a good story behind it. Brave’s weakest point was the story. And Ya I’d rather see them make original movies than sequels unless its Brad Birds Incredibles 2.

  • Surf

    Okay, as long as you know it is just you.

  • Stephen Ney

    Oh Cartoon Brew, so nice you’re not jaded…

  • Shazbot

    Those photos are hilarious. Especially the last one. If that man’s unhappy, I’M happy.

    Oh, yeah, “Finding Dory”. Frankly, I think I’d prefer a film entitled “Losing Dory” more…

  • DarylT

    Bit of bad form with the images there with the pictures. Animation fans everywhere hear me think of the bigger picture and QUIT OVERREACTING. It’s just a movie.

  • Inkan1969

    I don’t think the news is this bad yet. “Toy Story 2” and “Toy Story 3” turned out to be great films. While not great, I thought “Cars 2” was OK: better than “Brave” and not as bad as reviewers were making the film out to be. Dory’s short term memory loss actually leaves some space for a followup film.

    Sure, I’d prefer they be working on original projects, albeit better projects than “Brave”. But I want to wait to see how this sequel turns out.

  • KB

    Hasn’t a “Finding Nemo” sequel been expected for years now?

  • OtherDan

    It’s too bad Ellen only appears at the end. Wouldn’t that be funny?

  • Oh, Amid… Those photos are just tasteless…

    Anyway, my opinion on the whole thing? I’m a little apprehensive though I wouldn’t declare it a wreck just yet. My main issue is that Dory works great as a side character, but how well can she work as the lead? Also, “Finding Nemo” isn’t really the kind of movie that lends itself to a sequel so it will be harder to pull off.

    If nothing else, we’ll get good underwater animation from Pixar. I’ve been hoping Pixar would do another film taking place underwater. Would’ve preferred mermaids but this is nice too. Ah, someday we’ll get a Pixar movie about mermaids…

  • Sequels can be ok…its work

  • Axolotl

    …and they say writing is hard!

  • Axolotl

    Oh, just to clarify, I realized that what I said down there may have sounded rude. I actually think that would be a good story, I just think it’s kind of funny that big studios can take years trying to hash out a story, when people can come up with decent stories in a matter of minutes in a CB comment thread. :)

  • Tia

    Yay! Even if it’s not as good as the first, we all know that Pixar does an amazing job with their films.

  • Roberto González

    I kinda agree with some of those points. However if they are going to do the sequel I don’t think it’s such a bad idea. Incidentally Monsters University kind of does that too, explaining previous events about how the characters met, though yeah, maybe that one doesn’t go overly dramatic about it. Toy Story 2 kinda did what they could do with Dory here and it was ok.

    What I say is that you’re right but it’s sort of inavoidable when you move into sequel territory, unless you just write completely different adventures each time. Something Pixar doesn’t usually do except perhaps in Cars 2. They don’t have the equivalent of a Wallace and Gromit series in which they could use the same characters without using the continuity or plot elements from the previous movies.

    • Slinky Dog

      I suppose you’re right about Monsters University. I guess I find that more appealing because the concept of a monster college just sounds entertaining; it also opens up aspects of that universe unexplored by the first movie. As far as Finding Dory goes, it sounds it would, almost by necessity, have to be more character-driven. There’s not much left to see in the ocean that hasn’t already been addressed in the first movie. In the original, we’ve already seen shipwrecks, sharks, deep sea trenches, coral reefs, harbors, sea turtles, etc.; what’s left to see? Dory is an entertaining character, but I’m just not sure that there’s much worth exploring about her history. She’s not a complex character, and I don’t think it would make Dory any more interesting if she were. The premise just sounds flimsy.

      The idea of Monsters University sounds like a fun romp. Even Cars 2, in concept, had a really interesting premise behind it. International car culture was never deeply explored in Cars, and, given the prevalence of cars in spy movies, the spy movie angle is like a natural extension of the Cars universe that doesn’t retread the original movie. I just don’t think that the Nemo universe has very much left to offer, and I’m afraid that we’re going to get a movie that explains why Dory has memory loss and speaks whale (among other things, but you understand my point). In my opinion, Finding Dory sounds like it will be a lot of exposition and that it will live in the shadow of its predecessor, rather than constructively adding to the folklore of the Nemo universe.

      • While I definitely plan to see Monsters University I do have quite a big issue with it. At some point in the first movie I believe Mike makes a comment about Sully being jealous of his looks since the first grade, essentially making Monsters University a 90 minute continuity error.

  • Roberto Severino

    I’ve given up on Pixar films because of this kind of BS coming from Disney. Why mess with a modern classic? This is just another sign that animation on aggregate is stuck in a rut again.

    Back to studying and practicing.

  • Roberto Severino

    If it turns out being like the Toy Story movies, I wouldn’t mind this as much, but something is seriously wrong.

  • Cheese

    You realized that it has a “GIRL’S” name on it, don’t you think? And Disney cannot stand girl names that scare boys away ever since the failure of “The Princess and the Frog.” Disney shift from “Rapunzel” to “Tangled,” “The Snow Queen” to “Frozen,” and Pixar’s shift from “The Bear and the Bow” to “Brave.” I am very surprised that the sequel to “Finding Nemo” would have Dory’s name on the title, instead of just “Finding Nemo II.” For example: “Cars 2.” Pixar didn’t called it “Tow-Mater (which would really be an interesting title don’t you think)” since it revolves mostly on Mater who saves the race and Lightning McQueen from the Lemons who cannot stand being clunkers. If Pixar sticks to “Finding Nemo II,” then they would not have problems with boys being scared of girl names. But if that’s the case, this could be Pixar’s very first film with a girl’s name in Pixar Animation history. Good luck attracting boys with Dory’s name on it instead of just Nemo’s name with a “II,” Pixar! Fingers crossed!

  • Midsea

    All we know is the title and the world for animators is braking down in despair…. we’re not an optimistic lot.
    It is annoying that they aren’t coming up with more newnew stuff but I judged Toy Story 3 badly,prematurely,by the title and the fact it was a squeal and well you know the rest. I love Finding Nemo even more so I’m going to give it a chance to prove the instinct to hate squeals wrong. It has the same director and pixar always make their stuff look and feel awesome so there’s still a chance it won’t let the first film down.

  • Mesterius

    Well, we all saw how fantastic “Cars 2” became by taking the comic relief side character from the original and making him the protagonist of the sequel. So, clearly, this is gonna be GREAT!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew Koh

    Reading all those comments had made me do this one panel comic strip.

    • AmidAmidi

      nice. ;)

  • PLEASE tell me this is a joke. Or that Pixar will can this and sell it to Bumblebee.

  • I did like Brave a lot,not Incredibles a lot bit a lot.It was however too short and felt even shorter,the one complaint I have with animated films these days.

  • lily

    i think the idea of another finding nemo is pretty cool though i dont know if im going to like how it turns out at the end

  • Pedro

    Toy Story 2 and 3 surpassed the original.

  • Animator606432

    I thought “Finding Nemo” was a really great movie, I honestly do. I grew up watching it and watched with my little brother recently with a whole new love for it. With that said, I’m not looking forward to this film. I know the Toy Story films were all amazing, each one better then the last but that was when Pixar was at the top of their game. Sure, “Brave” wasn’t as bad as “Cars 2” but it wasn’t their best. Plus, is their really much of a story to tell here? Movies like “Finding Nemo” don’t really need a sequel. Dory was one of those character where if she was on screen for a few seconds longer, she’d start to annoy you.

  • Said Omar Eshaq

    I don’t get some people, if you created a world with characters that people love, why souldn’t you make a sequel with those characters in those worlds. It somehow becomes like a tv series just on the movie screen. Just don’t make a bad movie, That’s it. And please Hollywood try and break some cliches now and then.

    • Animator606432

      But that’s the issue people have with the sequels. A lot of them are just, quite frankly, pushed out for the simply fact that it was a successful franchise ….and that’s it. I understand that these are business therefore they have to make money but sometimes the filmmakers go into a sequel not having a ounce of passion in the project. This leads us to having very cliche ridden and downright terrible movies. Sometimes they get so bad that they ruin the original property for a lot of people. But no matter how cynical a fan is, at the end of the day we are all hoping for a good movie. A lot of times that just doesn’t happen.

      • Said Omar Eshaq

        Yeah you’re right. It feels like there’s often not enough passion. I just hope for a good sequel everytime one is announced. The Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise has so much potential and I want to see more adventures with Jack Sparrow. But the 4th movie for example just threw in stuff that wasn’t needed and was over all not a great movie. But I hope for a better movie next time around.

  • What next? Finding your brains.

  • If Disney wants to break into new ground and territory why don’t they look into producing a kingdom harts trilogy , it would be great and Disney would be able to bring back all the old school classic characters for a new generation to discover them all over again , and there’s plenty of source material to go around so how about it Disney ?

  • jim