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Steve Jobs Promotes “Toy Story”

Three months before Toy Story was released, Pixar owner Steve Jobs took to the stage at the SIGGRAPH conference and explained why the film represented a major leap in film technology. It’s a rare bit of animation history that I was happy to discover on YouTube:

(via @Jonezee99)

  • Superb keynote, although it feels a bit like a commercial in a way. Great find and well worth watching. Thank you very much for sharing it with us.

  • pcogliat

    Ah! How great. As a recent soon-to-be graduate hoping to enter the industry as a character animator, this is inspiring.

    I was smack in the demographic for the film at the time it came out, and after watching the movie, i remember spending many afternoons standing in my room with my back to my toys, spinning quickly around in hope to catch one of them move! :D

  • Chris

    Just a little perspective:

    A Silicon Graphics O2 computer that sold for $20,000 in 1995 or so can now be bought on Ebay for $99.00.
    (250mhz Processor, 256mb RAM, 9gb disk)

    A $400 dollar computer at Best Buy has a processor that goes 10 times as fast, has 16 times more RAM, and a hard drive that holds 100 times more data.

  • Great find! Gutted it doesn’t cut away to his slides during Pt. 2, but we can’t have it all ;)

  • Very cool video, I saw it a few weeks back on – as I said there I noticed a few tiny instances of dead audio (some sound clips were missing that were int he final release). They must have filled these in before the movie was completed. Still, pretty cool seeing a 95% done version of the film :)

  • I remember Jobs’ comments re: he didn’t want what happened to the Disney Company post-Walt to happen to Apple. I take delight that Jobs was a fellow “WaltDisneyphile.”

  • Steve Jobs was fascinated with Walt Disney and had a lot of questions for us “old timers” who knew him. Oddly enough, he paid one last visit to the Disney Studio shortly before his passing.