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The Unofficial “Good Dinosaur” Poster

This poster from Pixar’s troubled film project The Good Dinosaur has been making the online rounds this weekend. The image, which was apparently leaked, is perhaps an internal mock-up or maybe even a fan-made poster. It’s been pointed out on other websites that the foliage was borrowed from a Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 poster.

In a now-deleted tweet, Pixar artist Daniela Strijleva commented that the image “looks like an unfinished unofficial piece of work that’s not supposed to be out there. Not Pixar endorsed.”

Whatever it is, it’s out there now, and everyone’s talking about it, so you might as well have a look.

  • Ben Sullivan

    if this is somewhere close to the real thing, I don’t hate it…

    After everything that’s happened I was expecting something bland that could’ve been produced by any of the studios and whilst it’s not exactly groundbreaking I like it. The dinosaur’s form reminds me of Kevin and his mouth and eyes remind me of Dug so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the real deal. I like the ridiculous expression on the kid, they haven’t tried to make him too cute. He could be more ridiculous but it’s a hell of a step up from The Croods.

    We’ll have to wait and see if the film is any good and until I see it I’m going to have massive doubts since they removed Peterson but this looks less terrible than it might and given that Blue Sky Disney has claimed that Cars 3 is happening, I’ll take what I can get.

  • Jonah Sidhom

    Well whether it’s official or not, the characters look a lot like the art shown at the last D23 expo… and I have to say, I really like them, especially the dinosaur. Really appealing design. Looking forward to seeing the first official poster.

  • George Comerci

    Just going to say, I HATE this poster. Despise it. And here’s why. And if you’re going to rage on me (which I’m sure a good number of you will) please be nice :)

    I don’t like the premise. It just seems….very safe! Same with the art style. Very childish and blocky. Almost something DreamWorks would do! The tired, old fad about dinosaurs. Let’s face it, it isn’t an original idea. And that alone really grinds my gears.

    After all, this is PIXAR!!!! PIXAR!!! They’ve done so many adult storylines in their stories. Most apparent in WALL-E, where there was no dialogue between the main characters for the majority of the movie! Or Up, which tackled the more dark and mature sides of love and family.

    With this…I was expecting a MUCH more adult story, especilally with that one piece of concept art, the one with the sunset and the grain.

    I was expecting the dinosaur not to talk. At ALL. And the boy to be a normal, perhaps a modern-day country boy. NOT some caveboy, comic relief overthrow that we’ve seen in this “poster”.

    I was HOPING for the friendship to be silent, but gain slowly and the two characters to have an unexplainable, touching, yet SILENT bond between each other. But NOOO. I bet they’re going to cast someone really “funny” to be all “goofy” and the kid will be exactly the same.

    But what they SHOULD HAVE done is this completely mature story…where the dinos can’t talk….and its somewhat of a roadtrip move than anything, where the two main characters just travel and get to know each other.

    Where the characters would have conflicts, REASONS to travel. Like abuse at home. Or something that’s wrong with the humans and their society. SOMETHING!

    But, NOOO. From what I can gather, the dino is from a farm!!!! And, get this, I bet you’ve NEVER heard this one.

    He’s TIRED of his BORING, UNEVENTFUL life!!! And…in a bizarre twist, he DREEEEAMS of having more!!


    …I don’t know. Maybe I’m overreacting. But from what I can see, this is going to be some silly, goofy movie about the underdog from the farm winning for once (Planes, anyone?)

    ……….Like I said, I could be wrong. Who knows, maybe they WILL do a really adult storyline. Maybe it’ll be godawful. Maybe it’ll be the best thing from Pixar. But just by looking at the poster and reading some character descriptions, I’m going to go with bland and forgetful.

    I hope the time off they’re taking for the film will help, but it’s DEFINITELY going to show that there was some behind the scenes problems.

    And sorry for the long comment, I’m pretty passionate when it comes to Pixar. I love them, but I really don’t want to see another “Cars.”

    • AmidAmidi

      I applaud you, sir. It takes skill to write a critique of a movie that hasn’t been made yet based on an unauthorized movie poster. I expect your full movie review when they release a still from the film.

      • George Comerci

        Sorry. I was just a little wound up when I wrote this. But you have a point. I shouldn’t be judging things to quick. But I’ll leave it at this-I still don’t know how the movie will turn out, I’m just not very enthusiastic about it.

      • Federico Etchegaray

        Even though it’s an early review based on nothing, it makes some interesting points worth noticing. Things I wouldn’t want to see in this movie.

    • patnlewis

      If it counts for anything, I’ve had reservations about nearly every Pixar film this early on. For whatever reason, their ideas tend to sound terrible on paper–I think because so much is still unknown at this point, the mind fills in the blanks with the most cliched ideas imaginable based on, you know, a LIFETIME of seeing animated movies. So far, though, they’ve always managed to turn it around and put out something surprising that, to varying degrees, exceeds my expectations.

    • Kevin

      I had the same fears about Monsters who get their energy by scaring human children, a fish looking for his lost son, a rat that wants to be a chef, and an old man who flies away in his house with thousands of balloons… I was proven wrong each and every time.

      • George Comerci

        Good point. I’m just saying that, compared to Pixar’s other films, the premise just seems unoriginal and safer then what they usually do. Sort of like the way “Cars” was. But again, I shouldn’t be too quick to judge. Let’s just wait until we get more information on the film and we’ll go from there :)

      • Barrett

        I used to “never fear” when it came to Pixar’s premises. Even if the story pitch sounded a bit simple or predictable, I knew they would do something amazing and unexpected with it. After the Cars franchise and the Brave debacle, I’m not so confident. Monsters University was pretty solid, but it was more of a B+ of a movie than the a or a+ level stuff Pixar had been doing up until Cars. Even Up and Wall-E had some aspects that probably wouldn’t have made the cut in the first decade of Pixar. I am hopeful for these new films, especially since they are not sequels that are riding on residual goodwill and need to prove themselves on their own. I hope the directorial shuffle on this film works out better than it did for Brave.

  • akira

    i think that’s from the cool pre-randy newman version of good dinosaur. i can just imagine lassetter’s notes to make good dinosaur better: 1. fire director/creator 2. get randy newman to sing theme song and sentimental song in the middle 3. come up with a clever end credits gimmick 4. change name to “great dinosaur”

    • Kris Kail

      Leonardo DiCaprio as the dinosaur

    • Crispy Walker

      I thought the dude who scored Finding Nemo was scoring this film though… But I totally agree with the negative sentiment towards Randy Newman. Disney and Pixar used him for like 10 years straight, and despite oscars and whatever else, I still think his music is terrible.

    • kevin

      Thomas Newman is scoring this. Not Randy Newman. Just FYI

  • Jason Cezar Duncan

    If this is the real thing, I actually like the look. Simple and kind of blunt. I like that sort of thing.

  • Anthony D.

    It looks so real though. Whoever made this has a great skill.

  • Pixar = Disney

    You just can’t say anything bad about Pixar except Cars 2? Even if it’s staring at you in the face.

    Personally I hate this poster and I hate every pixar movie since Cars 2.

    • Skip

      Well, lets see The original Toy Story is a classic, In my opinion Toy Story 2 was better than the first, and Pixar had a good reason to make it, because if they didn’t Disney was going to release a cheep direct to DVD version. Toy story 3 was incredibly well done, and concluded the series on a high note. A Bugs Life may not be Pixars best film, but it’s still a good movie. Both of Pete Doctors films The first Monsters inc, and Up were great films. Both of Brad Birds films at Pixar The Incredible, and Ratatouille are actually my favorite films to come out of that studio simply because they were made so well, and Finding Nemo and Wall E were both really good.

      I wasn’t a big fan of the first Cars simply because I didn’t understand why a car would exist without people. It raised the question (at least for me) why would you need seats and a steering wheel in a car if there was no one to use them. I didn’t care for the first CARS because it didn’t entertain me. It didn’t change the way that I felt about the studio, because no studio had ever made that many films that I’d loved before.

      The problem that I had with CARS 2 was that it was clearly made for financial reasons, because it sells a lot of toys. Up to that point I believe that the primary reason that drove the artists to make their films were for artistic expression, and to tell a good story. Of corse money was always a factor, but it never felt like Pixar was willing to sacrifice artistic integrity and story telling sensibilities for financial gain. THat was until CARS 2 came out. That film used so many Cliche’s that the film could have changed it’s name from CARS 2 to CLICHE.

      I liked Brave, a lot actually, and I also liked Monsters University though not nearly as much as the original. At least with these films I felt that the studio was trying to tell a good story, and maintain artistic integrity.

      I am not willing to jump on the trash PIXAR band wagon simply because they made CARS2. You are entitled to feel the way that you do about the studio as am I, and am going to judge this tree by its fruits which in my opinion Pixar’s fruit are almost always great. In fact I can’t think of another tree that has delivered better fruit.

      • Funkybat

        I’d generally agree with your assessments of past Pixar films, though for me the favorites are the Toy Story movies, Incredibles and Monsters Inc. I thought Monsters U was a lot stronger than it could have been, that movie could have felt so necessary and cliche and in the end it was fun and touching and helped expand the Monster Universe, which is far more interesting than the Car universe or even the world of Andy and his toys.

        I seem to be alone in this, but I actually enjoyed watching Cars 2 more than the original Cars. The first film was OK but the protagonist was very unlikable, and in the end it was more of a small-scale drama than anything exciting. The Cars universe didn’t bother me, you have to let go of strict logic or evolutionary thinking when it comes to how they all exist and built their society. It’s just a parody world, with cars instead of people, the end.

        In that vein, I thought Cars 2 was fun because McQueen wasn’t a huge jerk anymore, and because there were a lot of clever car geek gags throughout. Mater isn’t my favorite Pixar character by any means, but he is fun and the movie was a good popcorn flick. I could certainly do without any more Cars follow-ups, but if you’re going to do it, just go with fun, unrealistic adventures like Cars 2, that’s the best way to handle that universe IMHO.

        • Skip

          Here’s why I don’t like the first care. The primary issue is that the film is the same exact story as Doc Hollywood. Unlike any of the other films in the Pixar cannon, the first CARS film feels like a story ripoff (at least to me). Secondly I did not like the protagonist Lightning McQueen. and more than that I fount Tow-Mater to be irritating, he’s basically Pixar’s answer to Jar Jar Binks (in my opinion). So what are we left to assess on this film. 1 the story feels like a swipe, 2. the primary characters are unappealing, and make me not like what I’m seeing. When these factors come in to play, since I do not like the most important elements of the film at all, all I can do with the remainder of the time that I’m watching the film is analyze what I’m seeing. Toy Story was so well done in terms of story and character development that I am willing to accept the fact that in the film the toys have a life of their own. The same goes for Finding Nemo. The Story and character development are so well done that I am can eagerly go along with the idea that fish can talk. Since CARS has an un-interesting story (Because I have already seen Doc Hollywood) and Unappealing characters. From that point forward I analyze the technical elements of the film. In this case I question how these cars are produced, and why be designed to function for people in a world where people don’t exist.

          By contrast I can be entertained while watching a cartoon like Suzy the Blue Coop, because the story and character development appeal to me. Because of that, I am willing to accept the fact that the story it self defies the laws of physics, that the cars them selves are living beings with personalities, in fact because the primary pieces of the puzzle were in place and I was being entertained, I had no reason to question any aspect of the film.

    • That’s a Little Harsh

      Oh come on now. Cars 2 may have been a massive disappointment, but Monster’s University and Brave were both decent movies. Just because they haven’t met up to the standards of Pixar in the past, doesn’t make them complete garbage.

  • Axolotl

    Okay, I’m not going to judge an entire movie by this unofficial leaked poster.
    This poster blows.

    • William Bradford

      There ARE hints of bad photo shopping around the corners, on bits like the leaves or the kid’s fingers, and the one artist insists Pixar didn’t release it, so yeah. The characters certainly look like they were, at one point, finished representations of the characters.

  • Evan

    I know this doesn’t necessarily have any effect on the quality of the film itself, but I just wish the Apatosaur would resemble an Apatosaur. I will admit that he looks cute and appealing, but I seriously was hoping that the dinos in this film would at least look like the dinos they are trying to represent. The kind of research studios do on living animals to get their films’ depictions to at least feel right despite being stylized is often ignored for extinct animals, and I feel like these sort of simplified designs will only perpetuate problems with pop-culture’s depictions of dinosaurs. He looks more like a lizard than a sauropod.

    Not that it needs to be super realistic in a “walking-with-dinosaurs” fashion, but you can be true to an animal’s overall anatomy while being cartoony and stylized. I’m not judging the film itself until I see it, but being a paleontology enthusiast, I’ve yet to see or hear anything that’s gotten me really excited about this. I so hope they prove me wrong. I want it to be good. I think I’m just nervous because of how dinos are often treated on film. Fingers crossed.

    • William Bradford

      Well, according to the D23, this film is about what would have happened if Dinosuars hadn’t gone extinct, and had evolved another 63 million years, so I suppose there was a desire to have them slightly evolved: haha albeit conveniently in a way that makes them cuter

    • Funkybat

      After the disappointment of how the 2000 “Dinosaur” movie turned out, I think going far away from “anatomically correct” was probably a smart move. I think some of Pixar’s strongest character designs were the least “realistic.” ‘The Incredibles” and “Up” particularly stand out to me. It’s also nice to see Pixar do something some deliberately cartoony, often it’s Dreamworks that goes for the zany unrealistic animals.

      • William Bradford

        I agree with Funkybat on this one: hyperrealistic Dinosaurs (2000 Dinosaurs) and more of a happy compromise (Land before time) have both been done, so I think Pixar wanted to take it in a different direction and go with super blocky, geometric designs. And if we’re being picky, they could simply have said “what if whatever chain of events led to the dinosaurs extinction failed to happen” rather then the more tidy statement “what if the asteroid missed?”. Haha and of course the BIG nit-pick is that it’s more then likely humans wouldn’t have evolved at all if the dinosaurs hadn’t disappeared… but of course that’s not something one can PROVE; if the asteroid missed nobody can SAY what paths evoloution would’ve taken

        • No, you were right the first time – Humans would absolutely not exist if the dinosaurs still did. It’s not a nit-pick at all. However, I always enjoyed The Flintstones, so I won’t get carried away!

          I do also like the design of this ‘animal’, whatever the hell it is.

      • Axolotl

        “Caricatured” doesn’t have to mean “generic.” It would be cool if the dinosaurs had designs something like this style, maybe with more expressive faces-
        Some of my favorite Pixar designs are very pushed, but still look like real people. Edna Mode, say. This dinosaur looks like it bears about as much relation to a real dinosaur as a pictogram of a human on a bathroom door does to a real human.

  • tedzey71

    Well it seems people get up in arms when a poster comes out, thinking that it goes towards how they criticize the movie months before it comes out. So let me be specific.

    I don’t know if “The Good Dinosaur” will be a good movie. I don’t have a crystal ball. All I can say is that this poster sucks. It **LOOKS** like a safe kids movie… Going from the **IMPRESSION** the poster gives off with the cute designs, bright colors, and overall blunt and happy vibe that feels like a bus running me over with kindness!

    Therefore, I’m not rating the movie. Just the fact that the poster seems like its advertising yet another safe kids movie. If it’s a mock-up, I’d believe it. It’s very easy that a poster like this could have been made for “Up,” and doesn’t reflect what the finished movie will be about.

    If all those funky Polish/Russian posters from the 80s’ reflected the movies they advertised, the I would have expected “Star Wars” to be surreal nightmare fuel:

    • Kris Kail

      What do you mean you don’t know if it’ll be a good movie? It’s got GOOD in the title! I don’t need Gene Shalit to tell me The Avengers are going to be in The Avengers!

  • tredlow

    God, that kid is the worst Pixar character. The dinosaur is pretty terrible too. Also, I hate all the dance scenes and the hackneyed jokes in the movie. Really? An elephant dishwasher? News flash, Pixar! Flintstones already did half of the jokes in your stupid movie! None of the characters are unlikable, the plot went nowhere, the visuals are boring, the villain is two-dimensional, EVERYTHING IN THIS MOVIE SUCKS.

    What were you thinking, Pixar? Why did you think this stinking pile of crap would actually entertain anyone, instead of bombing and bankrupting your studio like it did? This movie is an irreversible sin, and may god have mercy on your soul.

    Of course, since I’ve only seen the unofficial poster, I could be wrong, and the movie might actually be good.

  • wgan

    well if it’s a real one, it’s got to be an internal mock-up, see those repeated foliages, also, the dinosaur design is a bit unusual, I’d like to see how he talks, may this project see the light again.

    • William Bradford

      Oh it’s seeing the light, not to worry, just not for another 18 months at least. The views on the designs have certainly been varied. I do like the designs, especially when you see the full body of the dino based on the maquette they showed (very egg shaped body with long rod legs and bolled nobble knees). And I like the way they treated there skin. I can imagine have two characters looked appealing in texture and feel when there’s such a drastic size difference can’t be easy.

  • popyea

    Awesome designs. Especially love the kid.

  • Roberto González

    Weird designs but I don’t hate them. At least they are not generic Disney/Pixar. Kinda look more like Aardman with some anime touch in the kid. The poster is nothing special but I don’t see anything terrible in the designs so far and they could be pretty funny in movement.

  • Kyle W.

    If there ever was a definition of Translucency, its that Dinosaur.

  • Dana B

    I remember when the leaked Frozen posters were “fan-made”…

    Anyway, like many other commenters here, I know it’s too early to judge a film from an “unofficial” poster that won’t come out for another two some years, but all this is saying to me is merchandising. Total shock coming from a studio who turned anthropomorphic vehicles into a multi-million dollar franchise, right? Just another marketing ploy for selling toys, nothing to see here people…

  • jmahon

    though more people will go see this than who went to see the Croods, and that troubles me

  • William Bradford

    New it’d be five seconds tell someone brought that up: it’s “Brave is a knock off of Train your Dragon” all over again.

    • To be fair, those same stalwarts of originality then proclaimed The Croods a rip-off of Brave because *gasp* both trailers featured a red-haired girl climbing a cliff.

  • Shmorky

    this is clearly viral marketing for

    • AmidAmidi

      Except that that’s not the site. It’s a foreign site.

  • Funkybat

    I’m not getting a “Croods” vibe from this. For one thing, the kid isn’t intentionally grotesque. Designs are pretty simple, and very likable. I hope the story and actual characters’ personalities prove to be as strong or stronger. I have no idea what all the upheaval has been about on this film, only that there has been upheaval and some people are happy about the ouster and some aren’t. Hopefully, the final film will be better for all the ups and downs, but only time will tell.

  • Steven Bowser

    If this movie manages to be a more adorable dinosaur movie than “You Are Umasou” then I will be surprised. I hope the staff at Pixar are aware of that movie because I would love to see them draw inspiration from that.

  • George Comerci

    THANK you!!!! This is kind of what I meant to say, it just came out angry-ish. Sorry again for that comment, guys :/

  • George_Cliff

    While it may be premature to categorically judge a movie by its poster one certainly can gage a movies aesthetic based on a poster(obscure foreign marketed posters apparently being an exception). And if we aren’t supposed to get a sense of the movie from the poster what the heck is the point?

    A more apt expression would be “don’t write off a movie based on a bad poster.” For what it’s worth I’m not even going to bother appraising the art style based on a leaked unofficial poster.

  • Matt Sullivan

    I like it.On a side note all Pixar eyes (pupils ) look alike to me. Small quibble. Looks like fun.

  • ed

    So this is another cavemen movie. I thought it was going to take place in a present-day alternate reality where dinosaurs never became extinct.

  • turdblaster

    reminds me of the croods

  • William Bradford

    From what i’ve read, it sound like an inverse: a large reptile captures and tames a small, wild human