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Toy Story Unleashed

Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody as you haven’t seen them before. Reimagined as action figure “badasses” by designer Luis Eduardo Vargas Montoya. No word if these custom-made “toys” will ever be mass produced, but I’ll be first in line if they are.

(Thanks, Andrew Murray)

  • Caresse

    I would totally buy these.

  • droosan

    Neato, mosquito!

    But .. shouldn’t the snake be in Sheriff Woody’s BOOT..?

  • JMatte

    The cowboy is a mix between Sheriff Woody and Lucky Luke….which is pretty cool!
    I’m imagining the animated version of this version of these toys. A totally different vibe.

  • Michel Van

    oh my god

    Sheriff Woody from Sergio Leone Spagetti Western

    Buzz Lightyear ready to kill horde of Zerks in Starcraft

  • I love stuff like this, it’s always awesomely absurd. :)

  • Clint H

    Holy shit, THAT is badass.

    If they made a TOY STORY movie out of these characters, I’d be the first one in line to see it.

  • Oliver

    If Rob Liefeld was an animator.

    • Jay

      Not enough pouches, over-sized guns, misshapen feet, or outrageous anatomical proportions to be a Rob Liefeld design.

      Plus these actually look good.

      • gipsy

        Don’t forget tiny heads…
        But above all, you’re right: they look to good to be a Rob Liefeld design…

  • Hahaha, sweeet. Love it when people do stuff like this!

  • I see this leading to a “live-action” Woody and Buzz movie somehow.

  • Buzz looks like a painted Starcraft marine.

  • This re-interpretation is just great, and another sign that we ALL have grown older with the movies.

  • I wanna see the “extreme” version of my evil counterpart, “Big Al” McWhiggin!

    • Kevin

      Hey Scott Shaw! The site link in your name is wrong. There’s no hyphen. You’re welcome.
      Also, your site is 100 awesome.

  • Toast

    Thank you so much for posting these! Detailed, balanced, uncluttered and well made! The artist clearly enjoyed making these.

    It’s also just what I needed after accidentally seeing what shouldn’t be seen in a so-called artblog-reblog site.

  • wgan

    is it just me or they really make the original toys look so adorable?

  • Someone needs to do an Evil Emporer Zurg like this. He had such a cool creepy design already. Extremifying it could only lead to amusingly cool results.

  • Now that’s cool!

  • Never would have thought of this, brilliant!!!

  • I wonder what Mr. Potato Head would look like?

  • Deran

    I love how Buzz looks like he just walked off the set of Gears of War.

  • Now just think of doing Toy Story by the team of Rango. That would be great.

  • These look awesome! I recently did a little spoof on Woody as well:

  • Dr.Truth

    That is beyong awesome!! that made my morning.

  • Calibretto23

    Is it bad that I immediately recognized Buzz’s body as a repaint of a Manga Spawn figure from McFarlane toys?

  • Oh, so that’s where the idea for Cowboys & Aliens came from.

  • Reimagined Toy Story characters…. good
    Reimagined Looney Tunes characters… bad

    (As far as i have read in this blog)

    • Trevor

      fan art vs. official

  • Amol

    Hey superb style in Cow-Boy. .

  • Fernando

    Crowdfund it noww!!!! people will pay 40 dollars each for sure!!!!

  • Proximo

    Buzz is just a manga spawn repaint with some kluged elements from other toys. C’mon.

  • N W Smith

    Somebody contact Todd McFarlane – he has the money, the people and the lawyers.

    The Pixar people have been biting the hand that feeds them practically from the get-out. I think they would go for this.

  • He’ll only get them produced if he doesn’t get sued by McFarlane for kitbashing their stuff.

  • Dave

    Makes me wonder what kind of awesomely-proportioned houri Bo Peep would look like.

  • Maggie

    ya i wonder what little bo peep would look like hmmmmmm?