John Lasseter in a Tractor John Lasseter in a Tractor

Watch John Lasseter Talk To A Perky Kid

The best part is when John Lasseter asks the kid if it knows about E tickets, which haven’t been used at Disneyland in thirty years:

A close second is watching Lasseter get whipped around by a tractor:

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  • No more Starbucks coffee for that kid, please.

  • James

    Is john lasseter high? why is he talking so weird.

    • Funkybat

      To me the oddest part was John bringing up the E Tickets, then explaining the system to her. As someone prone to waxing nostalgic at length, I recognized the girl’s slightly uncomfortable laugh as an “oh boy, here goes gramps with one of his stories…” response, because I get it myself sometimes.

      When I first went to Disneyland in the early 80s, even then that system was already gone. Frankly, from what I read of it, I’m glad it is, too. I’m sure the park was somewhat cheaper to enter back when you had to buy additional tickets to go on more than a set number of rides, but I like the open access of today.

  • “Maneuver thingies.” Is that the technical term?

    • Juliusaurus

      Dude, she’s like, five. To even know the word “maneuver” at that age is an accomplishment.

      • She is actually 12.

  • Andrew

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  • Julian

    Through getting Pixar off the ground and keeping it a major player, I say the most challenging moment of Mr. Lasseter’s life was having the deal with “it” without being able to blurt “Oh my God, EPIC DERP RIGHT HERE!” at the end. That is a challenge 95% of men and 100% of big brothers can’t handle.

  • The Gee

    I haven’t watched the video and probably won’t…
    but edit the first sentence…I think Amid meant “she” or “they”, not “it”

    my comment doesn’t need to be published. so if what I’ve been told is true and the screening is human, just correct the sentence and don’t post the comment.

    If my comment is posted, just delete it.

    • The Gee

      Well, if “it” is a animatronic or something, fine.

    • Tim

      How on earth does “it” work “pretty well” when referring to a child?

    • Funkybat

      I agree, I bristled a bit when I read “it.” I may be childless, but I’d never use “it” or another non-gendered pronoun for a child. I tend to reserve “it” for animals and inanimate objects.

  • Harvey Hound

    That child scares me.

  • Kieran Pertnav
  • Bud

    I’d love to see that tractor roll over that crack-addled kid.

  • Trevor

    What you don’t realize is that Lasseter held a huge press event for Cars Land and she was the only one interested enough to show up

  • Chris Sobieniak

    That showed her John!

  • Chris

    This brings up and interesting dilemma: I wouldn’t normally make fun of a child. But if a child chooses to do something in a very public sphere like a web TV show (as opposed to say, a private recital) can you make fun of them and not be a jerk?

    I’m going to choose to give her a break.

    However, if a TV news show made all of their on air reporters wear princess outfits with tiaras, I’d totally watch.

    • Bud

      It’s called “fox noise.” Hot chicks with nary a brain in sight.

  • Although eloquent beyond her years and clearly a smart young girl I was unable to last a full minute.

  • Taco Wiz

    This girl’s most viewed video only has 118,425 views. That’s pretty good for a random little girl, but very, very low by most other standards.

    How does she get to meet all these celebrities? Is her daddy an executive or something?

  • Pedro Nakama

    This is why the Walt Disney Company is FAILING big time.

  • Haruna

    This Miyazaki otaku must go!

  • Heynow

    Wow. Making fun of a 12 year old girl. Stay classy, Cartoon Brew.

    • Funkybat

      I’m not getting where all the negativity is coming from. I agree that she seems kind of “amped,” and hope she isn’t already drinking actual coffee. I haven’t seen her segment before, but she just seems like a cute, enthusiastic young girl to me. I will confess I jumped to the part where she’s talking with John, so maybe the earlier part of the segment is way more annoying to adult ears.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Sorry. I couldn’t watch it after about 1:00. Does anyone really find this at all cute?

  • David

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  • TempleDog

    Wow. Just, wow. Sorry, I shouldn’t be commenting…I never made it past ‘Holy Piperoni’. To quote Miss Bitters, ‘the child shrieks like a fruit bat’.

  • Gipsy

    So… What is the point of this? To laugh at a 12 years old girl? To laugh at Lasseter? To laugh at us C.B. readers and viewers? Hmmmm….

  • Matt

    I guess someone forgot to tell Amid that its not acceptable under any circumstance to call a human being “it”. Newsflash: kids are people!

  • Brad Constantine

    Walt would have been all over Twitter and Facebook…I’m just sayin’…(example..”Roy sez we’re broke again..but I got a another great idea over pork and beans…”