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Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day: Kerascoët


Kerascoët is the pen name of Marie Pommepuy and Sébastien Cosset. The artists work collaboratively in Paris on illustration and book projects.

Kerascoët Kerascoët

Their website contains ink and watercolor drawings of characters and fantasy worlds and many in-progress photographs of comic work being inked and colored. A bibliography page lists the substantial collection of comics and books that they have worked on.

Kerascoët kerascoet

Kerascoët also has a Facebook page here.

Kerascoët Kerascoët Kerascoët Kerascoët
  • martin

    very nice.

  • Kerascoët creates wonderful work, especially in books like Jolies Ténèbres and Beauté where their cute and innocent illustrations belie some dark stories.

  • Aw those are the cutest! You just got me two new favorite illustrations and a new desktop background (the ballerina). Thanks!

  • Toast

    The artist employs a deceptively simple style mixed with dreamlike color combinations. I love it!

    Sometimes I’m a little wary of this showing this kind of illustrations to beginners, they don’t seem to get the point. Thankfully the first picture shows off what the artists are really capable of.

  • Joel

    This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing these beauties! C: