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Netflix, Scholastic Reboot ‘The Magic School Bus’

Just in case you were worried that Netflix’s slate of upcoming animated programming was looking a little too Dreamworks heavy, the streaming site has announced plans to launch an updated version of the Scholastic Media educational series The Magic School Bus.

The new iteration, which reflects Netflix’s continuing growth as a children’s broadcaster, will be a computer animated show entitled The Magic School Bus 360°. Twenty-six half-hour episodes will launch in 2016. Like the original show, it will teach kids about science by way of an anthropomorphic school bus and a kooky educator named Ms. Frizzle, however, the new bus will be upgraded to reflect the advancements in robotics, wearables, and camera technology. The original series was produced for PBS between 1994 to 1997 and remained in syndication until 2012. Since Netflix acquired the streaming rights in 2013, it has become one of their most watched educational shows.

  • Fried

    Smart, considering most parents I know much prefer to give their kids an iPad or Laptop to watch Netflix rather than using a TV. Guess it’s more of a controlled environment type thing.

    Is there a way to check out TURBO is doing in “ratings”? Or any of Netflix shows for that matter?

  • Oh, great, another reboot. For a while, it seemed that TV was a safe haven for original series and ideas, unlike the movie industry at the moment, but it won’t be too long before every second series in production will be a remake. Joy.

  • etoons

    This could be pretty fun. Kids could tweet in questions for the end of the show, similar to the phone calls in the original series. Any word on who is voicing Ms. Frizzle?

    Another show that could make a cool reboot would be Carmen Sandiego. Geography has changed somewhat since the initial shows (such as the many new Olympic competitors), plus they could utilize new technologies in surveillance and travel to chase after Carmen, and likewise for her to thwart capture.

  • Mister Twister

    Looks like Carlos will be back in a flash!

  • First Reading Rainbow gets Kickstarted back into existence, now Magic School Bus is back?! I guess now we can finally get the entire 90s PBS afternoon block back in operation. Coming Soon: Shining Time Station rides the rails again! Wishbone wags another tail with a new series based on more classic literature! And best of all, Arthur will finally start airing episodes in NON depressing Flash animation. (Just donate to our PBS Resurrection Pledge Drive by calling the #?at the bottom of your TV)

    • McSpazzatron

      I wonder if, in Arthur’s new incarnation, he’ll grow a tail and actually look like an aardvark?

      The popularity of Arthur is a mystery to me.

    • George Comerci

      I would love that! PBS has definately gone down in the quality of their shows; reboots like this are a great idea imo

    • R. I.

      PBS still makes new episodes of Arthur.
      Though “Shining Time Station” is long gone, PBS now has “Thomas and Friends” – but instead of the model trains, it’s all CGI now, and the characters all have American voices (even Sir Topham Hatt).

  • Mervyn

    The Magic School Bus books were charming and loaded with subtle humor, organic to the characters, especially Ms. Frizzle. The 1990s PBS edutainment 2D animated series almost totally factored out the humor but retained and beefed up the science, in the name of being proper educational programming content. Let’s hope that the forthcoming iteration doesn’t forget that crucial element of Mrs. Frizzle’s personality. It is possible to use humor to educate as well as entertain.

    • zesty

      Magic school bus was a fine show buy wouldn’t say the humor was particularly subtle. It was either “we never did this in our old school” pun by Ms frizzle or pun by Carlos.

  • Roberto Severino

    The original show was something I watched a ton as a kid. First there’s gonna be a new Lion King based show and now this. I wonder what other show from my childhood will be updated next.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    Just heard about this yesterday. In second grade, my teacher would show us The Magic School Bus just about every week, which was awesome. I used to read the books too. It was a great way to teach kids, so I’m glad it’s coming back.

    • Ahhhh watching The Magic School Bus elementary school, that was the best! I remember a kid, in my class, used to alway do impressions of the kids calling in and asking ” Is this the magic school bus?” . We thought it was hilarious. I hope the new series brings some edu-tainment to a new generation. Random question. Does anyone know if schools have Netflix accounts now?? We used to pop in the VHS’s

  • Googamp32

    Just so long as none of the kids have annoying catch phrases, I’m looking forward to it.

  • George Comerci

    This is exciting! I hope they’ll keep all the original characters and not tweak too much…still, I’ll definately be watching!

  • Linder González González

    I knew I should have stayed home today – Arnold