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“Steven Universe” Recap: “Frybo”

When I went to the guide this week I thought my pain meds had really done a number, but nope—there was only one new Steven Universe instead of the usual two. Alright, we can work with that since the new one did have a lot to say about the reality of the work world, BUT I would’ve liked the second to have been a different old (weird to say about something that’s still fresh in my mind) short so that the pair would’ve been more cohesive as a packaged deal.

“Frybo” started with Steven clueless per usual. This time it was because the whereabouts of his pants where unknown. Pearl was also in search of something, but unlike her pantsless housemate, she was fully dressed. She was on the hunt for a gem shard and rambled on and on about it and its powers. Like Steven, I too tuned her out only catching the “monster” part. Of course, that came back to bite Steven in the bare butt later. Turns out that shard can turn clothing into active objects–cue Steven’s pants running amok.

On his way to give Pearl back her shard, we met yet another character: Peedee. He’s like every cute boy from the 90’s, every classroom had one…blonde locks, shaved sides and a wife beater to show he didn’t care about materialistic things. Peedee’s just a kid with a mind wise beyond his years, trying to make his dad proud while dressed as the family business mascot Frybo and questioning the world. It’s not clear if Steven has any actual friends in town. So will we even see Peedee again? Only time will tell, but at least Steven got to interact with someone other than the Gems as he saved his new pal from an afternoon of Frybo duty by putting the shard in the costume and telling it to “make people eat fries.”

The two escaped to an arcade, leaving the lively Frybo costume to do Peedee’s job. As they sadly rode the coin rides at the arcade, nothing happened but a conversation that depicted the mental state of a twenty-something-year-old a few years out of college, trying to find their place in the work force, even though neither of the boys have seen past the age of perhaps fourteen yet. While Steven is fine being “paid in smiles” for his work with the Gems, Peedee’s declaration that “cash can’t buy back what the job takes” was flawless. It also touches on the idea of those who have nine-to-fives versus those with unconventional jobs; those who work hard will lose out on life, while those who find what they love truly will have the most fulfilling careers.

While they were getting deep, Frybo was terrorizing the town. Okay, so he was focused on one area, but it was still terrifying to watch and imagine. Seriously, just think about the mascot of your local eatery coming to life and shoving their product down your throat? Frybo did just that as Steven and Peedee looked on in horror. When they said, “Make people eat fries,” Frybo took it too literally. The fries from his costume worked like tentacles to hold restaurant patrons hostage, including Peedee’s dad who was soon tossed out the window onto Steven.

Frybo quickly got smarter and used ketchup as ammo; I cringed since I loathe 98% of condiments. A ketchup attack temporarily blinded Pearl as Steven searched for a way to take Frybo down. How does one destroy a deranged thing of fries being controlled by a gem shard? There’s only one way: If you’re Steven, you strip down to your undies and put Pearl’s other shards in your discarded clothes and fight back. You decide your underwear is also needed, and take on Frybo in the buff. Naked fighting prevailed and Frybo’s shard was removed, leaving him a lifeless costume.

As Peedee and his father reconciled, it made you think back to Steven’s dad. We haven’t seen him since the premiere and the repeat of the night was “Gem Glow.” So we didn’t even get to revisit his character. They should’ve tossed in “Laser Light Cannon” to make the half hour seem more complete OR they should’ve made Steven think about his own dad while gazing at his newfound friend. What’s the deal with those daddy issues there?

Also, where were Amethyst and Garnet during Frybo? We better see their return come next week’s “Cat Fingers.”

The episode “Frybo” was written by Raven M. Molisee and Paul Villeco.

  • Lazy Student

    Seriously, what’s up with these recaps?
    I’m guessing they have a deal with you guys. That wouldn’t bother me, but at least tell us why are you doing this.

    • AmidAmidi

      We have no deal or agrement with CN, and neither I nor the writer of the recaps is a close friend of anybody on the production. We are doing them simply because I like to try different things. Whining about them isn’t going to change anything because I enjoy them as do plenty of other readers so move along and read something else.

    • Funkybat

      I think this particular show has been singled out for recaps because it is new, the pilot released months and months ago got a lot of people excited to watch this show, and the show creator is an artist who has shown a lot of promise. So far I have enjoyed the show, though I lament the change in animation compared to the pilot, but that was probably some kind of budget/time reality for CN. I enjoy the story recap, but I guess as an animator I am more interested in hashing out with other animators what we thought of the visuals as well as the story, so I plan to feel free to do such in these stories.

      That said, complaining about the decision to recap this show seems kind of unnecessary and picky.

  • Jason Cezar Duncan

    Why do you only recap this show and present it as news? Don’t get me wrong, I think the idea of recaps is awesome, especially with my busy schedule. But why only Steven Universe? Why not recap all animated shows and file them in their own special section?

    • AmidAmidi

      It’s an experiment. Obviously we don’t have the resources to recap every animatd series being produced, but we’ll probably recap more shows in the future. Got any suggestions for specific shows you want to see on the Brew?

      • Jason Cezar Duncan

        Well, Regular Show and South Park are the only two animated shows I consistently watch. And yes, recaps would be nice for both. But that’s just me. I’m sure there’s a lot of people who would like to see Adventure time as well.

        • jeeves

          i would LOVE recaps of south park. Their writing this season apart from 2 eps has been great.

          • Inkan1969

            I don’t know about Jerry, but Amid’s consistently trashed “South Park” for its limited animation.

          • Crystal

            Isn’t he kind of missing the point then?

          • loboski

            I understand that South Park is not about the animation but I stopped watching many years ago when I saw an interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone saying South Park should win an animation award over Samurai Jack

      • SarahJesness

        The Legend of Korra has some pretty amazing visuals, and the stories? Well… Lots to discuss there… Adventure Time is certainly a unique show, recaps of that could be interesting. Maybe pick an Adult Swim show or two while we’re at it.

      • Wander

        Wander over yonder.

      • Inkan1969

        Perhaps the Recap will spin off into a “Beach City Daily” website. ;-)

  • IJK

    I don’t mind episode recaps if there are more talks about the writing and if it works or not. Right now, there’s like, 95% recap facts and 5% opinion. I know everyone is complaining that you guys should talk more about art, but if it’s a weekly thing, there’s really no need to. What are you going to say that isn’t just a repeat of last week? “UH THE COLORS ARE REALLY GOOD. JUST LIKE LAST EPISODES. YEP.”

    Most people here already know the show is gorgeous, so there’s no need to talk about it unless it’s a separate article about the Crewniverse Tumblr and adding points of how different our era is with being able to showcase production work a day after an episode has come out.

    I know people are going to still complain “TALK MORE ABOUT THE ART” but it sounds like they just want you guys to talk about it for the sake of talking about it. They want to read praises of a show they love and fangasm over it. Those people already HAVE an opinion on it, they’re free to share it in the comments, nothing in the article is going to change their opinion on the art. Just think of all these topics as the closest version of a forum CartoonBrew will get and have general Steven discussions.

    But getting back to the article, if you guys are going to do story recaps, I’d like more points brought up about the story itself. The pacing being too fast or if a character is hijacking a script or what have you…

    So yeah, that’s my post.

    • Ryoku75

      [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “Stay on-topic.” This post is for readers who wish to discuss the episode “Frybo.”]

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to hear how the writers came up with the name “Frybo.” Back in the 1970’s Carls Jr. had an imitation potato dough that was molded into french fries called “Frispo.”

  • theGee

    Perhaps what could be done when recapping the show is to provide a bit more analysis. Obviously, this would help make this recap more unique. There’s some here, like when it compares this episode to prior ones. That’s good.
    It also may not be a bad thing to keep on top of whatever CN and the show put out in the form of extras, like stuff from the show Tumblrs. Compare evolution of the show so far.

    Obviously, there are so few episodes that it is tough to expect something as in depth as a Simpsons recap, where you could point out how the show repeats itself or highlight allusions to pop culture. But, if there was a bit more on, say, how the world is being fleshed out in comparison to other shows with fantastic surroundings or ones set in a small town. If something interesting could be said, maybe that would be nice. If I’m right there hasn’t been too much which has occurred far from where the characters live. The action furtherest away has occurred within the house (am I right?).

    Whatever happens here, the show’s new and it is being establishing so I do think people should cut the recapper some slack. However, the recaps would be possibly better if they were more reviews/critiques.

  • Sophia Driavs

    I think Petey is my new favourite character of this show. He seems to have a lot of personality, and his pessimism and bleak world-view is amusing to watch, especially with the juxtaposition of him being a kid.

  • As a very infrequent visitor to the site, I don’t think it’s so much that recaps are a bad thing as it is that reviews would be even better. Sure, tell us what happened in the episode, but delve into it more. There’s a little of that in looking at daddy issues in the show, and I’m ultimately more interested in that than a blow-by-blow of an episode I’ve already seen.

  • cesar

    according to imdb, its ‘peedy’, not ‘petey’ :P