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Remembrances of Robin Williams by Eric Goldberg, John Musker and Ron Clements


Here are the official statements on the death of Robin Williams provided by Eric Goldberg, the supervising animator of the Genie in Aladdin, and John Musker and Ron Clements, the directors of Aladdin.

Eric Goldberg, supervising animator of Genie in Aladdin:

“I am beyond devastated. I cannot express how influential and important Robin was, and will continue to be, to me and countless other animation artists. Robin gave those of us who worked on the Genie so much humor, inspiration, and just sheer delight, that we were always spoiled for choice whenever we came back from a recording session. Like the Genie, Robin’s immense talent could not be contained in the lamp. I think we all knew, as the world does now, if there was ever a person who was tailor-made for the medium of animation, it was Robin. We have lost not just a great voice, though. We have lost a warm, human, miraculous person whose numerous and amazing talents will continue to inspire people for generations upon generations.”

John Musker and Ron Clements, directors, Aladdin

“We had the thrill and privilege of directing Robin Williams in Aladdin. We wrote the part with him in mind, but his performance, complete with his brilliant, improvised flights of fancy, took us and the character far beyond what we had imagined. Robin’s genie defied space, time, and physics, and so did Robin’s talent. Like the genie it was immeasurable, thrilling, a cosmic explosion of wit and warmth. Robin brought magic into our lives, to his animator/other half, Eric Goldberg, and to the scores of artists who brought the genie to such vivid life on the screen. But, most of all, Robin’s magic touched millions of viewers who laughed and were moved by him. We will cherish the memory of this ever-giving man who made every life he touched, including our own, better.”

  • So who else dug up their old VHS copy of Aladdin last night and got very sad when Robin Williams started trying to sell Julian fries & Dead Sea tubberware?

    • Joseph Patrick

      guilty… :*(

  • Roberto Severino

    All this talk about Robin Williams makes me really wanna revisit Aladdin and really appreciate the film even more now among other aspects of his work.

    • Kyle_Maloney

      Yeah, this is when I would pop in the Blu ray. If I had one. How has that not been released yet? (in the states anyway)

      • Jessica

        Good question. I’ve been wondering that for the last couple years. Little Mermaid, Lion King, and Beauty & the Beast have all been released; what’s the holdup on Aladdin?

  • Anon
  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised you haven’t posted this beautiful tribute drawn by Eric Goldberg.

  • It was definitely a great collaboration in Disney animation history between these artists, where not only their work was golden, but the entire film as well.

    And it doesn’t happen often. So glad to witness this powerhouse in theaters when it did in the early 90’s.

  • Robin Williams and Eric Goldberg breathed life into the genie – such a big, fun character. Godspeed, Robin.

  • Christian Z.
  • Thanks for the reminder of that great short! It’s on Vimeo if anyone else would like to re-watch (or watch for the first time – in which case, you’re in for a treat). Thanks Robin, for all the wonderful entertainment you brought to my childhood :)

  • David Zweig

    There has never been a finer marriage of celebrity personality, voice acting and animation. The Genie is a zenith in animation performance by all who were involved. As an animation student at CalArts, I constantly ruined my Aladdin VHS tapes again and again as I studied that character.

    In homage to Mr. Williams and those of us who were so inspired by his work on this character, I would hope that Disney would be open to releasing a treasure trove of video from the original voice recordings and all of the pencil tests created by the outstanding crew.

    Mr. Williams should forever be remembered at his best…and that was The Genie.