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Ron Tippe, ‘Runaway Brain’ and ‘Space Jam’ Producer, RIP


Ron Tippe, the animation producer of the live-action/animated hybrid feature Space Jam and the Oscar-nominated Disney short Runaway Brain, passed away on August 1st after a year-and-a-half battle with brain cancer.

Tippe had a long career in animation, which included managing Disney Animation’s Paris studio, and working on features like Shrek and Everyone’s Hero. He worked in other areas of entertainment too, directing over four dozen stage plays and more than 100 commercials and education/business-related films. He also produced record albums and was the owner of QT Music and Barn Boy Music publishing companies.

He is survived by his wife, Molly Maginnis, and two children, Annie and Sam.

(Thanks, Fraser MacLean)

  • Gagaman

    I love Runaway Brain, so much that I collect figures of the Mickey from it (mostly released in Japan only, go figure). I still have a childhood soft spot for Space Jam as well, I grew up on that film and had all the toys. RIP dude.

  • My condolences and prayers for his family and colleagues. He worked on wonderful projects, and as an animation fan, I’m thankful for his contribution to the artform. R.I.P. Ron Tippe.

  • starss

    With everyone mourning over Robin Williams, I hope Ron doesn’t get overlooked, although it’s still odd that he died on August 1st and yet only until today do we hear anything about it! Both Runaway Brain and Space Jam impressed me when I was a kid!

  • Tony Cervone

    There will be a memorial for Ron this Sunday in Glendale, CA. It will be a wonderful opportunity to say goodbye and maybe share a laugh through the tears. Ron was a good friend and a helluva guy. Here is the info:

  • DangerMaus

    My condolences to his family, friends and colleagues for their terrible loss.

  • Fraser MacLean

    Ron was an amazing guy and a quite wonderful boss. I was lucky enough to be part of the team working on “Space Jam” at the old Imperial Bank Building in Sherman Oaks in 1996 and neither Ron nor Allison Abbate ever forgot anyone’s name, nor did they ever miss an opportunity to thank people, individually or in groups and departments, for their hard work and staying power on a project that provided more than its fair share of challenges. Ron was also a fantastic, if sometimes impatient musician – at the mid-way point in production he arranged a Hootenanny on the ground floor of the building to give everyone an opportunity to perform, dance, party and let their hair down. When the suggested jam session failed to ignite – thanks to mass confusion over the chords and lyrics to “American Pie” (chosen from a pile of sheet music), Ron broke in to the chaos, grabbed a mike and shouted “Blues – in E…!!!” and all of a sudden – everyone knew EXACTLY what to play (and how…). The dance floor filled up and the party started. My sympathies to all his family. I feel very lucky to have worked for him – and to have gotten to know him a little over the years since. The spirit, flair and imagination he showed in response to his diagnosis and treatment were exemplary. What a lovely man.

  • DarlieB

    Noooooo! No no no no!