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70 Animators Banded Together To Re-Animate A Classic Woody Woodpecker Short

Brazilians can’t get enough Woody Woodpecker, both in official and unofficial form.

Earlier this month, Universal’s live-action/cg hybrid Woody Woodpecker feature shot to no. 1 at Brazilian theaters, and, in its first three weeks, has grossed over $6 million in that country.

On the unofficial side of things, a group of 70 (mostly Brazilian) animators has banded together to create a shot-by-shot remake of the 1961 Woody Woodpecker theatrical short The Bird Who Came to Dinner. Each animator was assigned a shot from the original short and asked to re-animate Woody – known as Pica-Pau in Brazil – in their personal style.

The re-animated short was originally released last week using the film’s Portuguese dub, but a version of the project with the original English track from Walter Lantz Productions has now been made available. Watch it below:

The non-profit remake, which took over a year-and-a-half to complete, was organized by Brazilian animator Ivanildo Soares. Links to all the participating animators can be found on the film’s Youtube page.

The Woody remake is similar to other crowdsourced fan collaborations like Bartkira, in which over 500 artists redrew Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira manga using Simpsons characters, and Moon Animate Make-Up, in which 250 animators re-animated an episode of Sailor Moon.

  • Matthew

    This sort of thing should happen more often.

  • Wonderful. Almost reminds me of what Marv Newland did way back when with Anijam and Pink Komkommer..

  • Some Guy

    if you haven’t yet, you should see the Super Mario World artist collaboration as well from earlier this year. a bunch of artists coming together to do this, Super Mario World, or even DragonBall is a pretty cool idea and should be encouraged.

    • WanderPony

      I was about to comment that some animators had done something similar with the famous “Mama Luigi” episode.

  • Michel Van

    ok if several artist do there version of it together, i do understand that,
    but SEVENTY-TWO in a row for animation of 6 minute and 46 seconds ???
    This is simply: total optical overkill…

    • I suppose doubling up on shots for the animators to do wasn’t an option. These collabs usually are one a piece.

    • Mesterius

      Having every shot in a different – and personalized – animation style is the WHOLE POINT of this fan project. Personally, I loved it.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I like it.

  • John A

    Still an improvement over Paul J. Smith.

  • GOATmaybe

    Can someone please explain how Woody became so big in Brazil?

    • Reruns. Lots of them on a steady diet over the years..

    • Woody Woodpecker came to Brazil with other classic cartoon shows like Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry and etc since 80’s I guess. Those cartoons always played on TV shows for kids (still play, to be honest) And the brazilian voice acting is excellent in this cartoon!

    • Barrett

      Woddy Woodpecker was pretty well-known and enjoyed by kids here in the U.S. in the late 70s-mid-80s. I remember him and the other Universal stalwarts, Chilly Willy and Andy Panda being regularly aired in morning and afternoon syndication right along with the Looney Tunes and various Hanna-Barbera shows. I’m not sure why Woody has sunk into virtual obscurity in the U.S. since then. Classic Looney Tunes and even various Hanna-Barbera shows still seem to be widely popular. Even more second or third-tier characters like Hong Kong Phooey or Penelope Pitstop seem to have more of a fanbase today than Woody. I wish Woody Woodpecker would show up in more modern media outlets so people can discover/rediscover him.

  • Amazing! Thanks for sharing this, Cartoon Brew!! I took only a little part on the project , but this was so fun to work with! The developing, the expectations for new scenes, etc. I can only thank Ivanildo and Yuri Golfinho for this (Ivanildo for the project and Yuri for calling me to participate on this) . Thanks again! :D