2013greeting 2013greeting

A Creative New Year’s Greeting by Rafael Sommerhalder

A brilliantly simple and creative New Year’s greeting by Swiss animator Rafael Sommerhalder. I won’t say anything more.

  • Now show us the how you did the video. That was sweet.

  • Daym! I have NO idea how he did this! Lovely! And what a simple and nice concept! :)

  • Oluseyi

    The bounce where the ping pong balls form “2013” isn’t real, gentlemen. That’s how he did it – by essentially faking one bounce, using 3D modeled objects, and cleverly compositing it all together so that you think it was all done in camera…

    …is my guess :-)

    Happy New Year.

    • Mr. James

      WHAT THE HECK?! The magic’s been ruined! A computer you say?

      Have to say…did not see that one coming.