“All Consuming Love (Man In A Cat)” By Louis Hudson “All Consuming Love (Man In A Cat)” By Louis Hudson

“All Consuming Love (Man In A Cat)” By Louis Hudson

There are some films that one simply can’t imagine being made in any medium besides animation. Louis Hudson‘s delightfully twisted All Consuming Love (Man In A Cat) is one such film. The short has been playing the festival circuit for the past year, and was finally posted online yesterday. To learn more about it, read this interview with Louis Hudson.

(Thanks, Barbara Benas)

  • Me, while watching the short: “Wait, what? Did that really just…

    Okay, yeah, he did that.

    … yeah, that was pretty awesome.”

    Bizarre, endearing, and wonderfully weird. You’re right, there’s no way this would turn out well in any other medium.

  • Avian

    This is the strangest most terrifying thing I’ve ever saw

  • Thanks for the post, Amid!

  • Kev Craven

    Sorry to bring up this debate, but is a lot of this rotoscoped?

    • Kev Craven

      I suppose it’s actually a clever use of rotoscoping to show the reality of “Michelle” compared to the fantasy of the tiny people. All I saw in the opening sequence was rotoscoping so commented before watching the whole lot!

  • We are very amused. XD

  • Calin Fernandez

    Thanks for posting this! Quite a lovely, creative, surreal, and humorous gem!

  • Harvey Hound

    That was wonderfully weird. “How do we get in?” I lol’ed.