Animated Fragments #2 Animated Fragments #2
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Animated Fragments #2

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I Always Look Angry: 1000 Self Portraits by Tom Law

Slowjam by Beeple

Hooded Test by Leeanne Williams

Sketchy Friends Dance by Neil Sanders

Interlude for channel Music-24 (unused) by Ori Toor

  • JG

    Wonderful fragments.
    The self-portrait one is insane…

  • Josef


  • Stephen M. Levinson

    Wooo Tom Law!!!

  • Ha Ha Go Neil!

  • Go Neil, go! Melbourne, represent!


  • Naz

    Tom Law is the new Lord Buckley.

  • Animus

    The self-portrait guy should have shown his real face at the end.

  • Ori Toor’s stuff was great!

    I sat there thinking about the many hours sitting at a computer coming up with all these shapes and colors.

    You gotta respect the imagination.

    The self portrait piece was nice too. I just can’t IMAGINE myself drawing my own portrait that many times over. Haha!

  • I love these “Animated Fragments” posts. Please keep it up!