Animated Review of <em>Avatar</em> Animated Review of <em>Avatar</em>

Animated Review of Avatar

Nobody’s come forward to claim responsibility for this elaborate animated review of Avatar. I particularly like how they (I’m assuming more than one person made it) used the same performance capture animation technique as the film itself. Stats on YouTube show that the video is popular in New Zealand, but word on the street is that it’s not WETA. Hmmm . . .

(Thanks, Kim Hazel)

  • I like that Tenacious D’s “Wonder Boy” is playing in the background!

  • Autumn

    That was pretty amazing.

  • I never care to see the movie but that was pretty awesome – Id rather watch this 20 times than see the film.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Exactly the kind of people I wouldn’t want to associate with. :-)

  • This is way better than the movie. I like that he’s a dog-kid.

  • Sam

    Interesting… weird, but interesting.

  • Really well done! technically better maybe than Avatar. A good way to give your opinion about something! Specially about this film!

  • drifting away

    wow, i wonder what i took to put that together. i think the reason that no one is claiming it is that it was probably done by someone who worked on the film, but because of its “negative” comments towards major points in the movie they don’t want to associate with it. not that’s its a big deal. people can say what they want, the movie is still making more money than i ever will.

  • mrscriblam


  • Mitch Kennedy

    I’m not sure people should take this as a serious review because of what he’s saying. I’m going to say that this was made for comedy sake.

  • Donald C.

    Haha! I like his faves.

  • In all honesty if you got some animators to tweek it a little more and put better shaders on, this would come very close to looking as good as anything in the movie. Wonder how much it cost?

  • HHH

    This is a brilliant piece. A major likey. One issue i like to address.
    I can´t understand the big debate between the animation and emotion capture. To animate means to give life to, it doesn´t matter if your using a mouse and pen or your body and expressions, your giving life to a character. So an actor being emotion captured is an animator by definition.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I’m starting to think I need to create a pseudonym of myself on YouTube where I’m pretty much this guy, though I’m not sure how I’m going to go about acting half my age for the sake of comedy but I’ll try!

  • Korova M.B.

    JonBoy > Sorry man, but this animation has way more life in it than the bland Na’vis from Avatar. Better acting and something with meaning, personality and no stock Hollywood dialogues. It ain’t perfect, but it’s the best performance capture I’ve ever seen.

    Hopefully, I’m not the only one who disliked Avatar.

  • When did they start calling motion capture Emotion capture?

  • x

    Hey, i could see a WHOLE MOVIE done in that style!

  • c-bauble

    I don’t understand these comments saying this mocap is better than the mocap in Avatar. Looks exactly the same, the only difference is there is way more specific acting in this little guy than all of the blue thundercats combined in Avatar, which is probably why this piece is more appealing.

    We all know a guy like this.

  • Ha! Purple dog kid reviewing why he doesn’t like Blue Cat People…awesome! Really well done. I like his mother calling him in the background =D

  • I’d see this in 3-D. I like the fanboy background too.

  • also, the background image on his youtube page is a nice touch.

  • Mike Lucy

    I think this is a viral marketing video for Avatar. Look at the profile on youtube for this account. I donno, it just kinda reeks of internally created viral video to me.

  • Dan

    Motion capture will replace the character animator, you wait and see.

  • Mike Lucy

    HHH, animation is creating the illusion of movement/ life in a frame by frame manor. Puppetry is not animation. I think mo-cap is a lot more like puppetry.

  • Andrea

    I would almost ay that motion capture is more like rotoscoping. And if rotoscoping is considered animation…

  • Mike Lucy

    Andrea: it is similar. Can someone step in here and explain why rotoscoping is animation?

  • David M

    He actually resembles a Ripper from the movie and comics Tank Girl, probably making him part kangaroo rather than dog. Could be wrong though.

  • Really well done. I love the use of over blinking he does when he’s angry. I suspect this is done by Weta and it smells of viral marketing. Either way i enjoyed it.

  • Isaac

    I’ve already had enough of this, and the torrent of motion-capture films starring human-like characters hasn’t even begun.

  • Spencer Brandt

    -Well Snow White has a lot of rotoscope, but the animators didn’t trace the footage. They used the footage for reference. Apparently since animators are like actors, it may have been harder to “act out” the more human characters. So they looked at someone elses acting and used that for reference. I believe I heard Walt Disney say that in an old interview.

    -I used to kind of believe that mocap and rotoscope were the same, but my opinion has changed. The acting is being transferred from the animator’s brain and back on to paper, while mocap is transferred from the actual actor to figure created on the computer screen. Although there are animators that touch up the acting.

  • When “Fantasia” was was first released one critic wrote that the designs for the Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony looked like murals in a provincial French brothel. That was a bit harsh, but I thought that “Avatar”‘s jungle images DID LOOK LIKE MURALS IN A PROVINCIAL FRENCH BROTHEL.

  • The animation has capture all the subtleties of the performance. Congrats to whoever did this!

  • Artisticulated

    Kid sounds Canadian.

  • Mr. Pencil

    Pete the Pup and Darla Hood mated! When are they going to do a mo-cap version of ‘Rock and Rule’? Crap, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.

  • Emily

    Wow! Very cool…and eery.

  • greg m.

    I will officially put mocap into it’s own category and keep it away from animator created performances by the likes of Pixar and DW.

    This was one of the better mocap performances.

    Hats off to Richie Baneham – one of our own – for pushing the envelope with making Mocap as nice as it is in Avatar!

    but give me some good ole’ fashioned animation from say “Lady and the Tramp” or “Peter Pan”!!! Ahhhhhhh! Time to crack open a beer!! Oh wait, I don’t drink.

  • @Mike Lucy
    I believe puppetry “is” considered animation.

  • doug holverson

    I wonder how much this clip’s creators were just channeling their teen selves into this.

    @Oscar Grillo: I just wonder about how a snotty culture critic knows what the murals look like inside a provincial French brothel? Makes you wonder….

  • Brian Kidd

    Viral marketing or WETA joke…
    Mocap is/isn’t animation…

    What does it matter? It’s still really well-written, produced and acted. Sometimes folks here tend to get caught up in the why’s and wherefore’s and forget to just enjoy what they’re watching.

    I laughed my butt off. Kudos to whomever is responsible.

    Oh, and Chris, I’ve seen you around other animation-related boards and sites. You already associate with those kind of people. :) Give in to your dorky side, my brother. Gooble gobble! One of us!