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I like this clever little video on animation production from Cirkus Animation out of New Zealand. It’s obviously slanted towards their numerous, and clueless, clients and producers:

(via Motionographer)

  • “Don’t worry about the sketchy drawings…this ISN’T what it’s going to look like in the end!”

    Yup, still hear that one! This…was brilliant! Thank you Cirkus Animation, thank you…

  • Rufus

    It’s a true fact that most people don’t have a diddly-ass-clue what goes into making something in 3D. Glad someone made this video.

  • A.M.Bush

    I thought that was one of those joke satire videos at first, then I realized it was real, and that made me sad.

  • R.A. MacNeil

    Powerhouse Animation did a similar video:!howPHAworks_redesign.html

  • Thomas Dee

    Great! It’s for clients and not animation savvy types, so it works perfectly.

  • Having not done any CGI animation in a year, this was a good reminder of just how the process works. The only thing I never did on a CG production was the 2D animatic. Very funny stuff, here.

  • “Suppose you wanted to change the little guy and make him a girl. Or, what about a horse? Or, half girl, half horse? Or half boy, half girl, half tank! UH-oh!…”

    Brilliant. I’m so glad not to be an animation executive right now;)

  • Awesome you all like the vid! Spread da message.

  • This was really useful! Just forwarded it to a client who’s unused to working with CG in his films.

  • I know there’s a way to make a video like this without the smartypants tone.
    Clients love being made to feel stupid…

    (However big kudos to Cirkus who do terrific work).

  • Roger Freedman

    Really fun — and that’s physicist and Nobel laureate Hans Bethe ( at the blackboard at the 4:30 mark.

  • Go Cirkus! Congrats on the post dudes and great clip, very funny!

  • Tom Pope

    The tone of the guys voice/attitude gets pretty irritating after a couple of minutes.

  • That film was very good indeed.
    But it won’t help. The process described is already much too prescriptive for most clients to deal with. I’ll be very suprised if it has any impact whatsoever on streamlining any of the usual problems, either for Cirkus or for anyone else.
    Nice try though, I understand the sentiment.