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“Arcane” by Bastien Belvaux

A particularly stylish and colorful graduation film from EMCA, the animation school in Angoulême, France, by Bastien Belvaux.

  • Ketil Bleidin

    I think I hear the drums from Akira at about 3:43

    • Hi Ketil!
      I have just asked Goul, who made all the sound and music for this film: he actually used japanese drums for this sequence…the same instruments used in Akira and a lots of japanese films and musics!


  • Nic

    Interesting style. Making a geometric shape feel organic is so damn hard to do. I love the color choices, and the movement was great (but I’m a sucker for any movement that drags just a little, so I suppose I’m biased.)

    I do wish the captions had been… readable in any manner at all. I spent half the video just trying to read them, realized I hadn’t seen anything and had to start over and just ignore them.

  • DJ Scott

    This would be a really interesting pilot…

  • Nicely done.

  • Vinny

    Pretty cool. I’ve seen this style before, CG with frames cut out to make it look traditionally animated. I see they’re getting better at it, but it’s still kind of choppy at some point. Nice character designs, really stands out.