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“Awesome Reach” by Arin Hanson

Awesome Reach

The anonymous Brew reader who submitted Awesome Reach wrote, “I thought the animation here was wonderfully grotesque and over-the-top,” and I agree. The one-minute short, celebrating the release of the video game Halo: Reach, was created by Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson.

There are a lot of wildly talented, self-taught animators who post work on Newgrounds, and while they sometimes achieve micro-celebrity status on the site, their work remains completely unknown to the animation community, and moreover, the general public. A lot of that has to do with Newgrounds itself; the signal-to-noise ratio on the site makes it impossible for an outsider to discover anything worthwhile. Hopefully, artists with as much talent as Arin can break out and achieve the broader recognition (and financial rewards) they deserve.

  • I saw this on newgrounds and thought it was a marvel… in fact the more i watch it the more I like it. It does make you want to go and animate something don’t you think?

  • Haha, so nerdy… and so insane, wow…

  • MichaelHughes

    It is an amateur site and I don’t know why anyone with serious professional aspirations would want to associate with that community. It doesn’t do that person any favors.

    • david

      just like the youtube community? Or maybe vimeo is a little better because it has more pretentious hipsters on it.

      it’s just another source for an audience and quite possibly an audience that would appreciate his humor a little more since halo reach xcore nerds probably frequent that site among others.

      Unless you want to pitch to what’s his face making rainbow centipedes. Then you can have “professional aspirations” of making “professional” cartoons for the discerning LCD audience.

      I think it’s this kind of hoity toity attitude that really sets stuff back for animation and cartoons. We should encourage to create independent animation, not tearing down people because kung fu panda 7 isn’t a part of their imdb credits.

      • I agree completely. I’m all for distributing animation where it will get the most views. Knowing your audience is huge, and showing your work to animation enthusiasts only isn’t always the best way to get your work seen by a lot of people.

        I’d rather watch a cartoon where good animation is the standard with a focus on entertaining a specific audience than watch a cartoon where the only thing going for it is the animation.

    • I think you are a little harsh there. In the eb and flow of animation work I think we are all ‘amateur’ on occasion, if the definition of such is whether we are being paid or not. Whilst a great many folks on newgrounds are youngsters starting out it is relatively free of the ‘you’re a tool’ ‘your animations are gay’ ‘wanna fight’ type attitude that permeates the internet as a whole. In that respect it isn’t so bad at all… and let’s be honest now, the lad has going on for a million hits due to his posting on the site… can that be bad? Would you have sought out this animation otherwise?

      Something worthwhile has come your way, would it be better had it arrived in a limo with Pixar written on the side?

    • Arin is fortunate enough to be able to support himself as an independent animator through sponsorships on Newgrounds. That’s definitely a “favor.”

      Also, the following artists have had serious jump starts through Newgrounds:

      David Firth
      Harry Partridge
      Adam Phillips

      . . . and myself included. Newgrounds was a place where I fell in love with entertaining the masses which lead me to study animation and eventually landed me a spot animating at DreamWorks.

      But everyone is entitled to their pretentious and pessimistic opinions on this cartoon blog.

    • Pray tell, what’s NOT an amateur animation site then ?

    • “Serious professional aspirations” translates, to me, as “pretentious, aimless BS”

      I think only in terms of bettering myself as an artist, creator, and entertainer. Being and working around like-minded individuals who I respect and admire helps me to achieve these things day by day.

      Part of growing as a person is realizing that you’re not above anybody, and everyone and everything can teach you something about yourself and what you do. To assume a community, which I’m sure you’re unfamiliar with, is inappropriate to associate with in order to remain higher-up on some imaginary hoity toity food chain is nothing less than arrogant, close-minded, and just plain mean.

      Now that that’s out of the way, thanks for the mention and the kindness, Amid. You made my day. :)

      • I said hoity toity and realized someone else above me said hoity toity as well BEFORE I did. Coincidence? The world is a strange place.

    • Ross

      Absolute nonsense. I’ve dealt with many that hold your opinion whilst studying animation and from what I can see, their narrow minded publishing has got them no where. Myself on the other hand have benefited greatly from publishing work on the site. If it wasn’t for Newgrounds I wouldn’t have landed my own animated television segment on a major TV network and would have never landed a contract gig with All in turn which lead to me getting a very nice teaching job on the side. Don’t discredit something so easily. Newgrounds is no different to any other form of online distribution.

  • tedzey

    I’m not going to lie, BUT I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF WATCHING THIS SHORT! I don’t know who this guy is, but he has to be the love child of Bill Plympton and a crack-addict whose godfather is John K. I LOVE IT!!!!

  • oh geez

    I think this is the same guy who does “Girlchan in Paradise” which is the most accurate and hilarious depiction of modern anime ever made. Highly recommended.

  • Yves

    The Adobe plug-in crashed but what I saw I liked very much. Hanson disproves the adage that you can’t open full-out because you have nowhere to go.

  • RoboFingernail

    That caught me off guard, it actually made me laugh out loud. Damn awesomeeeee

  • Sat

    Egoraptor is well known in his circle (millions of views on YouTube!) and I’m sure he’s happy that way, making what ever he wants for his audience. He is more known than a lot of people “known on Cartoon Brew”. He even does a lot of commission work I heard so maybe he’s getting decent money. I like his over the top voice work (almost always all by himself) and there’s definitively a John K influence in the gross face close-ups he likes doing. I kind of wish he had more developed storyline and original characters, and focus less on dialogue (Awesome Reach is somewhat an exception) but heh.

    Newgrounds is great for the crazy animation that’s totally unprofessional. There’s a lot of adolescent garbage but I certainly used to enjoy that 10 years ago. I’ll dare to say my favorite there is “Rise of Alfred”, the most fascinating, glitched, mentally ill, start-slow-but-watch-out-the-crescendo, amateur and ugly film I’ve ever seen. Don’t watch it you’ll lose your time.

  • Scott

    He does hilarious stuff. My favorite of his is still Awesome Center: Under the Awesome Redux.

    • Ben K.

      Have to agree with you on that one! Makes me laugh out loud every time.

    • The “let me assist you” part where the guy makes that insane face cracks me up every time. I think it’s the way everything goes silent for a second that gets me.

    • HA HA Ooooh my God yes. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw that. My friends and I still quote it.
      “My sister has cancer.”
      ” >8(”
      “ZOMBIE CANCER!” /high five

  • I’m not a big fan of the Awesome series, but Girlchan in Paradise is absolutely brilliant in its mockery of anime, and particularly bad dubs. I can’t get enough of that series. Also, the guy’s animation has been improving a lot lately on a technical level– There’s more coherency and structure to his crazy distortions now (in a good way). The size of his fanbase and the speed at which he churns out videos fill me with awe, inspiration and envy.

  • beavercleaver

    great to give arin some exposure amid. he’s incredibly talented and completely self taught; weighed down by a big heart too, i had the good fortune of meeting and hanging out with him at comic con 08.

    he got a lot of flack for the simplistic nature of his parodies, but has blown his adolescent critics out of the water, especially with this. i’d like to point out one critic in particular:

    ryan miller – RTIL. while talented, ryan is no where in the caliber of arin.

    keep up the great work arin, we need it!

  • FP

    The work is powerfully animated and very funny, and I have zero familiarity with gaming culture. If it wasn’t for RED VS. BLUE, I wouldn’t know what HALO is – – –

  • T Kelling

    It’s fairly easy to find the stuff worth watching on Newgrounds.
    Hit up the top 50 lists every so often. The good stuff usually finds its way there eventually and leaves the numerous mario parodies to die elsewhere

  • Thomas

    Ego-Raptor is so entertaining, his animations make me feel like I’m playing in a really crazy Fun-House.

    These websites like NewGrounds or Albinoblacksheep are perfect places for beginners to express themselves and even on their forums they have really great Flash artists constantly helping the amateurs out and giving them advice. But it’s not just for beginners, these Flash artists who give advice and help are talented as hell and blow me away when I see their shorts.Every.Single.Time.

    So I visit these websites to see the zany outrageous animations that you hardly see on television, and it’s cool because I know these new coming animators are going to become important within the animation world of the future. And of course theirs going to be crap, maybe a lotta crap, but we all start off crappy…unless you’re Chuck Norris.

  • I remember the first time I saw “Metal Gear Awesome” many moons ago. Since then, Egoraptor has been a source of hilarity and inspiration to my friends and I.
    Keep up the good work, man!

  • Newgrounds can be a great place to inspire young animators. Its what helped me get my start; being 14 and knowing if you made something good you would be able to reach an audience of thousands can really help kick things into gear creatively.

  • pretty cool!