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“Baaa” by Cyriak

Baaa, an “experiment in ovine geometry,” was released today by the brilliantly creative Brighton, UK-based animator Cyriak.

  • Phil

    So that’s where baby sheep come from.

  • I love how the soundtrack sounds like “Pink Elephants” from dumbo… really completes this!

    • anon

      Just what I was thinking, I would love to see him remake the Pink Elephants on Parade scene!

      • snip2354

        Quick! Rip that song and edit it onto this animation! :D

  • I LOVE Cyriak. His spider-cow video and the one with Gordon Ramsay’s angry DNA are two of my favorites.

  • Toast

    Kind of scary, but absolutely well-made and exiting! I have no idea what comes next, nor when it’ll end.

  • Jeff Simonetta

    Cyriak is a perfect example of how the absurdity of the internet is influencing and becoming more accepted in art and animation.

  • Karim

    L.O.V.E !

  • tom

    I always find Cyriak slightly reminiscent of Terry Gilliam, although a bit more disturbing. I’m surprised “Meow” hasn’t been featured on CB yet.

  • Imagine what the Biblical prophecy would be like if they had had visions like that instead the lame skinny-cows-eating-fat-cows stuff.

  • Were those lambicopters? God I want one so bad.

  • This is crazy! I love it. My favourite part is when the little freak-sheep helicopters start taking off.

  • Robert Schaad

    All right! Great stuff!

  • J.m

    El Bosco Animated.

  • Woo! What a trip! This guy’s stuff is always a hell of a ride!

  • tonma

    I love what this Cyriak videos make me feel… have you seen “Something”

  • It should end with the tagline: “Say no to GM foods!”

  • I don’t sleep now…

    Seriously though, why is this guy not working on the “The Thing” prequel?

  • Michelle

    I really like his clips, but he’s sort of just doing the same thing again and again, isn’t he… cows, hands, cats… this time it’s sheep! I hope he doesn’t turn into a one trick pony. It would be nice if he tried something narrative for a change.

  • Yvette Kaplan

    OHMYGOSH!!! I LOVE THAT!! BRAVO! APPLAUSE!! ENCORE!!!! And thank you!!! : )