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BAFTA-Winning “The Making of Longbird” Is Now Online

Will Anderson directed and animated The Making of Longbird as his graduation film at the Edinburgh College of Art. The fifteen-minute mockumentary-style short about a forgotten Russian cartoon character from 1911 was a hit on the festival circuit and culminated its run by winning the 2013 BAFTA, the British equivalent of the Academy Awards. One of Anderson’s writing collaborators on Longbird was Ainslie Henderson, whose own short I am Tom Moody has been a similarly big hit on the film festival circuit.

(via Short of the Week)

  • Daniel Todoran-Rares
  • jens

    has been for a while actually, a fantastic film!

  • GW

    I like the bird’s personality and how it goes with his Russian accent. I’m not able to scroll through the movie and find the actor’s name so I’ll compliment the bird for that. I’ll be glad when animated movie characters come with artificial voices so I don’t have to decide whether to compliment the character or the actor playing them. I don’t think it looks anything like what a 1911 Russian animated character might be like though. Not that it makes it any less entertaining.